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Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History


To be released on the 3rd of March, 2018 - THE 3rd BOOK IN THE ZETA SERIES - by Judy Carroll
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Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History


People complain that the ETs/Greys refuse to communicate; well, now is the time. They have plenty to say – if you are willing to listen! The history of your planet is an ongoing saga of disinformation, twisted truth and outright lies. Deliberate misinterpretation of ancient scriptures has kept humanity in an almost endless state of conflict and chaos. Through my latest book Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History, we have gone to great lengths to provide you with a clearer understanding of past and present world events in order to help bring empowerment to all who dwell on Planet Earth.
This book provides information on many issues such as the Hybrid Program, the Genesis Story, the supposed return of Planet X and the Anunnaki, as well as the Shadow Group and their cleverly faked “alien abductions” known as MilAbs (military abductions) involving remote mind control, holographic imagery, drugs and bio-robotic lifeforms specifically engineered to resemble the genuine Greys, who along with other benevolent off-world visitors, are here only to assist humanity to regain their rightful place as Citizens of the Universe.
Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. Counseling Psychologist Ret., Laramie, Wyoming, USA.
Welcome, Dear Reader, to an intellectual treat and a spiritual test. Judy Carroll serves well, not only as Scholar and Teacher, but also as a Spiritual Guide. She provides her knowledge of Extraterrestrial (ET) civilizations in a scholarly manner, citing various sources and authors. She not only informs, but she also teaches, comparing and evaluating the various approaches to the understanding of ET civilizations and their impact on the history of Earth and Humanity.
Barbara Lamb, M.S., MFT. CHT and Regression Therapist, Claremont, California, USA.
This book is loaded with fascinating and important information and references. It helps me understand the true ancient history and development of mankind, and the negative influences which have controlled (and are still controlling) humans and caused so much negativity and fear in the world. I appreciate learning how we can develop our spirituality and evolve to higher levels of consciousness, spirituality and Oneness. I have had my perceptions of reality expanded in a most inspiring way.
Mary Rodwell, Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) www.acern.com.au and co-Director of FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters).
Carroll is courageous in sharing her understanding and experiences. It is mandate which she wishes to help allay fear generated through media, disinformation and the truth embargo, all of which paints a very dark picture of our extraterrestrial ancestors, especially the Greys, or Zetas. Carroll describes a number of “intelligences” visiting us and her understanding of their nature and origins. Her book is a wonderful example of courage and honesty on her part, and it is a fascinating and insightful book which suggests we face our fears, listen to our own resonance to such information, and explore with openness alternative perspectives to who and what we are.
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Judy Carroll and co-author Helene Kaye’s amazing non-fiction book  The Zeta Message, published by Wild Flower Press (Granite/5thWorld Publishing - America) is out NOW.

The Zeta Message tells the story of Judy’s own life-long and life-changing contact experiences with ETs, along with that of a family she was called upon to assist in the year 2000 when their home became the focus of prolonged and at times fully conscious ET visitation, centred mainly around the two children. Helene Kaye, the mother of the family, tells in her own words the story of a mind-blowing inner journey from abject terror, disempowerment and denial, to eventually move through the fear barrier to find love, deep knowledge/understanding and self-empowerment on the other side.

With Judy’s help, the family was able to establish conscious and positive contact with the ETs, who became regular and welcome visitors to this very ordinary suburban home in Queensland, Australia.

Over a period of 4 years a vast amount of information, knowledge and teachings were imparted, as well as many questions answered and information given on the whys and wherefores of ET contact. Advice is also offered on how to cope with this type of contact, particularly where children are involved.

The Zeta Message is not just another book on ET contact, with questions left unanswered and fears left unresolved. This book is about learning how to tap into your own inner power of love, and of how the ET visitors are assisting our evolution through the opening and expansion of human consciousness to deeper levels of soul awareness, which is our true destiny. The Zeta Message will set you free from fear, and into the arms of Love, Knowledge and Inner Power.

A powerful Introduction written by psychologist Janet Elizabeth Colli, Ph.D. introduces the story. Janet is an associate of the late Dr. John Mack. She specialises in counselling ET Contact Experiencers and has authored her own brilliant book entitled Sacred Encounters.


HUMAN BY DAY, ZETA BY NIGHT - A Dramatic Account of Greys Incarnating as Humans - This is a docudrama, and is a fictionalised account based firmly upon on The Zeta Message, and covers a vast amount of information and teachings imparted over many years. It contains new and mind-blowing information on the ETs known as ‘Greys’, or ‘Zetas’, telling the story of Human/ET contact entirely from their point of view. Explanations are given and questions answered on Star Children, Human/ET Hybrids, so-called ‘Alien Abduction’, Implants, Crop Circles, ‘Men in Black’, as well as many other topics including Reincarnation and Karma, God, Energy, Human Evolution and Consciousness. PUBLISHED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ZETA MESSAGE.    www.thezetamessage.com