Myth #1 - Greys and other ETs are coming here to interfere with people, carrying out invasive procedures during 'abductions,' and interfering with peoples' minds.

Answer - The interference and invasion happened on Earth many millennia ago, and human DNA was compromised to block further evolution in order to enslave humankind. This mental enslavement has been going on ever since. The ETs who are coming here now, including the Greys and Zetas, are a 'rescue corps' who are trying to awaken humankind to the reality of the situation, to enable them to finally break free of this mind control.

The time is now ripe for Earth humans to evolve to more expanded levels of conscious awareness, which involves repairs to and upgrading of human DNA. Evolution in the human kingdom is a mind/spirit process, so it's at that level where assistance needs to be provided. However, universal law must be adhered to. 

Myth # 2 - All ETs and most especially the Greys are demons who have come to Earth as 'end of time' biblical prophecies have predicted.

Answer - Even the 'end of time' interpretation is not correct, and is part of a fear campaign that began long ago when Earth was hijacked by the Repterran Controllers. Yes, an 'Armageddon-type' scenario is unfolding, but it's more to do with a planetary consciousness shift to a higher energy frequency. The corresponding choice every human being on the planet must make is between Love and Fear.

The Greys are 'triers and testers of souls,' and are here to push people past the fear barrier/blockage in order to free them from the Controllers' interference and mind control, so of course they aren't welcome on Earth. A major disinformation and fear campaign has been put in place by the Controllers aimed specifically at the Greys to cause people to hate and fear them, thus diminishing any influence they may have on Earth.

Greys are not demons. They are simply another human culture that has evolved out of insectoids rather than the mammalian primates that were bio-engineered to create modern-day humans of Earth. The belief that Earth humans are the ultimate life-form in the universe is as incorrect as the belief once taught by the Church that Earth is the center of the universe and the sun revolves around it. It was only a couple of hundred years ago that people who opposed this dogmatic belief were put to death as heretics.

Myth #3 - The Greys are taking DNA from corpses as part of a covert program. Photos have been taken of them at night in graveyards doing this.

Answer - The Greys are carrying out a hybrid program to benefit both Earth humans and also a group of their own that fell victim to the Repterran Controllers. Yes, Earth human DNA is involved, but this is not taken from corpses but rather from living people taken up on the ships. Earth human DNA was compromised many millennia ago, which has interfered with the evolutionary process of humankind on this planet. The Greys and other ETs are trying to repair this damage. Given the ongoing presence of the Controllers on Earth, there is a very real possibility that humanity may end up destroying itself through nuclear warfare, destruction of the environment, disease, pollution etc., so Earth human genetic material is being taken to ensure the continuance of the species elsewhere if necessary.

Greys do carry out 'soul retrieval,' from situations where the energy frequency is too heavy for higher 'angelic' beings to enter. Because of all the fear being promoted through belief systems and Controller brain-washing on Earth, some human spirits become trapped in lower frequencies after death, and it's the Greys' job to assist them through to where they need to be.

Myth #4 - Greys and Zetas are a hive consciousness with no free will. They plan to impose this upon Earth humans.

Answer - Zetas and other Greys are in a way a 'hive consciousness' because they've evolved from hive-dwelling insectoid species, but they understand and respect the fact that Earth humans are different, having evolved from mammalian primates. Zetas and Greys are very ancient cultures, and for the most part have evolved past free will and into 'God's will.' Yes, they do operate as a hive consciousness in that everything they do is always for the good of all. It's not about self, as some people on Earth are inclined to act, with no thought or concern for others. Also Zetas and other Greys are highly telepathic, and everyone is attuned to the group Consciousness, which is like a vast, crystal-clear ocean, so there is no dishonesty or deceit.

Myth #5 - Earth humans alone are made in God's image.

Answer - This is a basic universal truth that has been misinterpreted and distorted by the 'Controllers' of planet Earth. This mis-interpretation is akin to still believing that Earth is the center of the universe. God is not a physical human-type being. God is high frequency Source, Life-force or Creative Energy that permeates all of creation. All cultures throughout the universe acknowledge this Source Energy. This understanding and acknowledgement is not confined to humankind on Earth.

The true meaning of man being created in God's image is that it's at the human level of evolution that animal instinct gives way to the ability to access a conscious awareness of immortality. All human-type cultures in the universe have this awareness. Also, like God Energy, humankind is multi-dimensional, as is all creation.

The erroneous concept of humankind being physically created to look like God came about when certain off-planet people who do resemble modern Earth humans took part in the development of the human species on Earth. They provided their own genetic material to aid the evolutionary process of Earth-plane humanity, and in this way, the newly-developed Earth human species do resemble them very closely, and are in fact, made in their image.

Myth#6 - Greys are robotic, with no emotion.

Answer - Genuine Greys are biological entities, as are Earth humans, but having evolved out of insectoids rather than mammalian primates, they do look different. Some still retain the compound eye structure and chitinous exoskeleton of various insect species. This body type is ideal for space travel. Greys are human, and like all humans throughout the cosmos they can and do experience emotion. However, not having the same musculature in their faces, they cannot physically express emotion as Earth humans do. This is not to say they don't experience and express it in their own way.

Also, as with highly evolved spiritual Adepts on Earth, Greys have evolved to a point of being able to practice non-attachment, so, unlike the majority of Earth humans, they are able to control their emotions rather than their emotions controlling them.

There are, however, bio-robotic 'programmed life-forms' (PLFs) that have been manufactured on Earth to resemble the genuine Greys. These are used in MilAbs (military abductions) that are carried out by the 'Controllers' on Earth to cause maximum fear and confusion about the real ETS. Many seemingly genuine 'alien contacts' are actually staged, often targeting people who are also having genuine contact experiences. As well as the PLFs, remote mind control, drugs and holographic imagery are used. These PLFs are the robotic, emotionless and negative 'greys' that some people have encountered. Genetic material taken from the bodies of ETs who've died in ship crashes have been used to create them, usually with a mixture of insectoid and reptoid DNA in their makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Q. Why won?t the ETs communicate with me?

A. Many humans are in a deep state of fear during an Encounter Experience with the ET Visitors. Even if you aren't scared, the Greys have such a strong energy field themselves that their presence alone can affect a human body physiologically, causing the heart rate to rise, sometimes quite dramatically, and the whole body to tremble. This trembling sensation seems to emanate right from the core of your being, and can take some time to abate. One of the tall Greys we communicate with has sometimes had to cut his visits short if this sensation becomes too much for those present.


During Encounters with the Greys, it is more to do with the Experiencer's own fear (or anger) that stops any communication taking place. The Greys generally communicate telepathically, and to pick up on this accurately you need to be at least in a calm alpha state, which is impossible when you're frightened or upset in any way. For an ET to try to communicate with a terrified or angry human is the equivalent of trying to listen to one radio station while your radio is tuned in to another. It just doesn't work.


The very best communication happens at theta level (as in deep meditation), in what one Experiencer I know of refers to as the mind awake/body asleep state. This is what is also known as sleep paralysis, and is very scary at first, until you learn to just relax and go with it. I have experienced this on several occasions, and have NEVER been hurt by it, so if it happens, don't let it scare you. The pressure you may feel coming down on your body is simply Energy it is NOT something negative.



Q. Why are people who are taken up on the Discs often shown graphic images of major disasters happening on Earth and/or a battle going on in Space?


A. These images being shown are simply possible futures for Earth if Humanity does not wake up to Itself; but the future is not set in stone as it were. You are continually creating your own future through the way you are thinking/acting NOW.


As part of your evolution as a human species, people on Earth are being made to choose Love or Fear. This is the reason why you have freewill, and it is this choice that evolution within the Human Kingdom is based upon. This is the Battle in Space that some of you have witnessed; a battle between the Forces of Light and Darkness Love and Fear. But it is a personal decision that each of you is being asked to make at this time  which side are you going to choose?



Fear is divisive-

one nation / religion / culture against

another nation / religion / culture.


Fear is judgemental -

my way is better / superior / more

pleasing to God than your way.


Fear is self-centred ?

I am right, you are wrong.


Love is Oneness, Unity,

Respect for the beliefs of others,

and always acting for the

good of ALL rather than self.


Q. What type of government do the Greys/Zetas have? Do you select/vote for a leader?


A. This is a difficult question to answer, as our Group Mind operates in a different way to that of Earth Humans. Soul Evolution dictates who among us are leaders. We function in a way much more attuned to Oneness than do Humans of Earth. Everything we undertake is focused towards the good and benefit of ALL rather than upon individual gain, and we are intrinsically linked to each other through the Group Mind, which really is our Government. This is so hard to explain, but we are governed and directed by the combined Group Mind of our whole species.


There are some whose consciousness is more evolved and therefore stronger, so tend to exert more influence within the Group Mind and could be considered leaders. These are the ones you refer to as Elders or Teachers. They are not voted in or selected, but rather evolve into a position of leadership through soul age and acquired wisdom.


Q. Can you tell us how long it will be before you make yourselves known to the People of Earth on a wider scale?


A. No, we cannot say, for it is not up to us but rather depends upon the consciousness of the majority of the population of the planet. We have made both successful and unsuccessful attempts at approaching in our ships, but at the same time, must tread carefully as it were, for the effects of a full-on physical contact could prove disastrous for all concerned. ET contact is all about spiritual growth and transmutation/transformation of Energy on a personal basis for each individual undergoing contact. It will have an effect en masse, but is still a personal and individual experience, and so at least for now we will continue to mainly approach people in this way.


However, looking at the bigger picture, disclosure has been happening all along. If you just pause for a moment and think about it, the ETs are doing exactly as one would expect, by triggering those who have agreed to be here at this time. This causes a ripple effect like a pebble being thrown into a pond. Many humans of Earth are opening to deeper conscious awareness, living more through their hearts; and more and more children are being born with a higher percentage of DNA activated. This is disclosure!

It is not about "when will the ETs land on the White House lawn" but rather, when will people open their awareness to the way the ETs are going about it right now? The evidence is all around you if you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. The way you will truly perceive our presence is from a place of love in your hearts, not a place of fear in your heads. You need to approach us from a deeper part of yourselves.


Q. When do ETs decide whether to intervene or not?


A. We intervene when a planetary civilisation becomes a threat to other planetary civilizations. Humans of Earth are, in a cosmic sense, like children. You are at Level 1 in the Cosmic Cycle, and so immature behaviour and foolishness up to a point is entirely understandable, but when it gets out of hand then intervention is required.


Planet Earth could be likened to a cosmic kindergarten. Left without supervision for any length of time, the little ones begin to squabble and fight amongst themselves. This is allowable providing one or more of them does not suddenly produce dangerous weapons from out of their pocket or school bag. Once this occurs then it is obvious that the situation is getting out of hand. An elder must intervene if disaster and tragedy is to be averted; thus our increased presence after your Second World War. We have already demonstrated our ability to neutralize nuclear weapons. If these are taken off-planet, intervention will happen.


Humans of Earth have very little concept of Universal Oneness. You are still very much caught up in Separateness, the concept of Them and Us. You have little true understanding of the enormity and seriousness of the imbalance which would occur should Earth Humans destroy their civilisation or their planet. You are NOT separate from us. We are ALL an integral part of Oneness, and if you have trouble with this concept then you need to take a deep and serious look at your inner self! Those of you who resent our presence do not understand that we have been requested to intervene by Higher Powers.


Q. What are your thoughts on using shamanic herbs such as peyote and cannabis to attain higher levels of consciousness?


A. Absolutely NOT! These are made use of by those who are not past the astral level of understanding, and can do tremendous damage to the Energy Body. Your body is a TEMPLE, and should never be subjected to such abuse. The Mind is a portal through to other realities, some higher and some lower in vibrational frequency. When these substances are used by shamans, elaborate cleansing rituals are carried out beforehand to try to protect and guide the spirit through to higher realms. Without this preparation there are no controls or safeguards whatsoever in place, so you can potentially go either way, up or down. The problem is, these drugs also have the effect of damaging the portal, thus allowing astral plane interference later on, in the form of voices in the head and other hallucinations, which are often controlling and neither positive nor in your best interests. The natural protection that should be in place against such intrusions is affected adversely, bringing about an increased likelihood of mental problems such as depression and schizophrenia, which may develop in later life.


Modern-day users of these drugs generally do no preparation whatsoever, which is HIGHLY dangerous. Much better to undergo proper training so that such out-of-body journeys can be done naturally. Yes, this training does take time, patience and dedication, and is not the quick-fix that many seem to crave in modern society, but it is the only safe way. If there is a need for you to travel in this way to receive teaching or healing, then assistance will be given to you.


What causes people to have ET contact? Do we emit a certain energy that draws them to us?


When a person reaches a point where they're ready and willing to take the next step up on their evolutionary journey, they put out a between-life request to link up with their Soul Family and Guardian Teachers during the span of the coming life that they're preparing to enter. Their energy body then begins to emit or resonate on a certain frequency that puts this message out loud and clear, and links them into the appropriate cosmic energy frequency.


I'm aware that many people suffer very real fear and trauma from Encounter Experiences with ETs. Not knowing what is happening, a number of questions come into their mind: Why me? Have I done something wrong to have this happen? Are they evil?

From my 60 odd years of ongoing Contact, I feel I can speak with some authority on this.


The Why me question? Although you are probably not aware on a conscious level, you have chosen the experience; or at least that part of your being that could be called the Higher Self. ET contact, particularly with the Greys, is all about expansion of human consciousness, and on a Soul Level you have chosen this, whether you are consciously aware of the fact or not. This is a between-life decision that has been made.


Q. Have I done something wrong to have this happen?  Are they evil? No to both these questions! Despite what some fear-mongers put out about them, the Greys are NOT negative or demonic. One only has to read what the late Monsignor Balducci of the Vatican had to say. Try googling him to put your mind to rest on this one. The late Dr. John Mack, a psychiatrist from Harvard University, also did some great work with experiencers of ET contact, as has his associate, psychologist Janet Colli.


Don't believe everything you read on the Net or in books, magazines etc. There's some good stuff out there, but there's also a lot of rubbish and some serious fear-mongering, as well as misinformation and disinformation, often from ones who haven't actually had Encounter Experiences themselves.


Search out the positive information. It may be hard to find, but it's there. Above all, have trust and faith in your God/Angels/Guardians to protect you. The only thing to fear is fear itself. More and more information is now coming out about how contact with the Greys/Zetas has changed peoples lives for the better, once they've managed to move beyond the fear. They've learnt to care more for themselves and for those around them, they have greater respect for our Mother Earth and the Environment, and they start to open up and understand about Oneness and Respect for ALL beings.

Q.There has been talk lately of an alien invasion, with America preparing weapons for this. What's going on with this in connection with the Greys?


 The idea of an "alien invasion" has been created and spread as part of a negative, fear-oriented propaganda campaign by the ones I call the Repterran Controllers. This is meant to portray them as "heroes" protecting the planet, and provides them with an excuse to build and deploy weapons to try to stop the legitimate ETs who are coming here to free humanity from the state of disempowerment and fear in which this planet has been held since its "hi-jacking" many millennia ago.


The Grey Guardians, along with other benevolent ETs are here to assist the planet and humanity to step up from 4th to 5th world consciousness, as tribal people the world over have foretold. But the Controllers don't want this to happen as it would mean that they'd lose their control over the masses. The genuine ETs are angered and sickened that such a group has blocked the soul progress of humanity for so long. No one has this right, and it is the Controllers who are the ones interfering and disregarding human free will, at the same time blaming the Greys for doing this. It's the Controllers' way of diverting the blame onto others to cover and protect themselves, and to make people scared of the genuine ETs


What is the Greys' purpose? Why are they here? What are they trying to accomplish for the future of Earth?


The Greys could be described as Cosmic Alchemists. They're assisting and awakening us on multi-levels of our being, physically, through adjustments to our DNA, mentally, through exposing us to the reality of mind-states way beyond our familiar 3rd dimensional reality and pushing us past the deeply-buried fear barriers that are blocking further evolutionary progress, and spiritually, through adjustments to our energy body and exposure to the energy of crop circles and implants which work like acupuncture and Reiki to balance, harmonize and raise our energy frequency, which is what soul evolution is all about. Their job is to assist Planet Earth and all who dwell thereon to step up to 5th world consciousness.


On the concept of planetary evolution and "returning to Oneness" - How can one contribute to this? How can we prepare ourselves to handle the coming changes?


This all begins with Self. You contribute by working diligently on yourself. Many people do not understand clearly that returning to Oneness, or returning to God to put it in Christian terms, is a matter of raising and refining your vibrational frequency. This is the lost key to bringing Science and Religion/Mysticism back into a state of Oneness, which is the next step that must happen if humans of Earth are to step up to the next level of reality. Human evolution and spirituality are One - you cannot have one without the other, and the way to raise and refine the vibrational frequency of your energy system is through spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice includes many paths - traditional disciplines such as Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Prayer (Prayer is talking to God and Meditation is listening, so you need to do both), and living your life in a spiritual way - doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.


How should we react to people who claim or truly believe that they are channelling Ascended Masters, Angels etc., but are not "walking their talk" on a personal level in their lives?


A major way that the negative forces are influencing people these days is through New Age avenues such as channelling and psychic messages. The Repterran Controllers use remote mind control and ESP techniques to place messages into peoples' minds to cause them to think they've been singled out for contact by ones such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Arch-Angels Michael/Gabriel/Uriel, as well as various Ascended Masters.


These mediums/psychics genuinely believe they are channelling one or more of these exalted beings, but more often than not it's an ego trip. Always be wary of anyone who claims to channel such beings, because the truth is, any being who has reached such a high level of spiritual evolution has moved way beyond the need to label themselves as such. This is not to say that they don't send messages through, but they would never claim to be of such an exalted rank. The message would be given anonymously, or you would be told that it's from your own Higher Self.


The sure way to tell whether a spirit message is genuine or lower astral plane-based is the content. No spiritual teacher EVER speaks negatively or in judgement of another, and the message is wholly and entirely based on Love - NEVER Fear. If channelled information delivers a message of fear, then it is not genuine.


Negative energy can be very strong, so don't get confused between "strong" and "good". Yes, these channellers can have very strong vibes which may be expressed in a seemingly loving way, often with lots of "ego-stroking" going on. Many fake "gurus" use this technique to draw in and hold onto disciples in a controlling way. They're like leeches who hook into your energy system and manipulate you very cunningly.


How do you react? Firmly, by standing in your own power! Just say "thank you, but no thank you. No disrespect intended, but I don't agree with such and such. That is not my reality!" Express your own self-empowerment in a firm and calm manner, and walk away. Remember, we all have the Spark of God within us! We are powerful beings ourselves who do not need some guru telling us what to do and who or what to fear.