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Judy Carroll - Interviews

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Helen Reynolds - The MORE LOVE Podcast

Helen Reynolds from the LIVE TRUE TO YOU website interviews Judy Carroll in October, 2021

This is a great interview with practical insights into our shift towards the 5D consciousness of love energy.  Judy Carroll's purpose in this lifetime is to help us overcome the fear associated with the planetary ascension process.  Judy has dual consciousness of both the earth plane and the expanded consciousness of the Zeta Greys who operate in our cosmos at a higher vibrational frequency.  This interview is jam packed with encouragement and understandings that help make it easier to choose love over fear and raise our level of consciousness from 3D to 5D.

For more about this interview, the transcript and other notes and info about Judy and her books, CLICK HERE

John Galasso - A License to Rant Show

Have you seen a UFO?

Have you had an Encounter /Abduction Experience?

​Are you ready for Deeper Knowledge and Understanding to help you get past it? Then Judy Carroll is the person for you. Check out our interview to get a little taste of what she’s all about!

Bernard Alvarez

Since early childhood Judy Carroll has had contact with non-earthly beings she knows as Greys or Zetas. In her early teens she started to have conscious encounters and began to recognize a connection with the visitors. Helene Kaye's family began experiencing disturbing activity in their home in 2000. She had no context for such occurrences and sought assistance. Worlds collided when her Reiki instructor, who knew of Judy's similar experiences, introduced Helene to Judy. Judy and Helene have come to believe that they are living in two worlds and identify as both Earth humans and Zetas.

With almost 60 years of full-on and conscious contact with the Zeta/Greys behind her, Judy is attempting to explain through her writing and interviews, the real facts behind who and what the Greys are, why they are here, and why a Controller Group here on Earth is doing everything in its power to disrupt their work.

According to Judy, humanity has been subjected to a massive disinformation and fear campaign in connection with ET visitation for the past 60 years. Numerous messages from "Pleiadians", "Sirians", "Space Brothers", "Ascended Masters" and "Arch-angels" have repeatedly warned of "end-of-world" scenarios that have not occurred, mass appearances of star ships that have not occurred, and the invasion of Planet Earth by negative gray aliens, which is just one more distraction and disinformation tactic designed to keep humanity in a state of fear and distrust. These messages are often channeled through unsuspecting psychics via remote mind control techniques.

The Zeta Message explores Judy and Helene's intimate experiences in coming to grips with their association and intricately interwoven background. The companion volume, Human By Day, Zeta By Night, delves more deeply into spiritual topics, drawing parallels between human and ET spirituality, revealing the reality behind concepts such as God, heaven, hell, angels, the soul and introduces the concept of the Human Ladder. Additionally, Judy directly addresses the fear connected with contact between humans and the ETs commonly called Greys or Zetas. Having experienced this fear personally as a child she is now able to help bridge the gap so that others can understand that they are here to help empower humanity, and she exposes what she considers a concerted effort of disinformation about actual ET contact.

Yanick Aumond

Welcome Back Star Family! Always a pleasure speaking with Judy! What a fun soul to be around! Judy shares with us her experiences as being a Zeta Grey onboard a UFO, past lives, what it means to have a dual blended Human and Zeta Soul, how she met her Zeta Grey Teacher "Maris", how she met with Helene Kaye and Helene's daughter contact story with her Zeta Teacher "Oris" and so much more!! Enjoy!

Karen Swain

Karen Swain talks with Judy Carroll on Judy’s lifelong and ongoing contact with the off-planet Visitors known as the Greys. Judy looks upon these Beings as ‘family,’ and has received some amazingly deep and positive teachings from them.

Robert Kalil

Judy Carroll has had contact her whole life with extraterrestrials. Through our interview she has helped me to distinguish the different types of contact people are having. She explained there are MilAB-made fake greys controlled by the Cabal and a group of reptilians she calls repterrans. This makes it very confusing for people who are having contact with the genuine Greys, whose job is to assist people to reconnect into their true telepathic and psychic abilities and also their healing abilities. 

Althea Provost

Join InnerTV Host Althea Provost and author Judy Carroll, a Zeta Grey/Earth Human blended soul as we discuss awakening, cosmic consciousness, crystal technology motherships and more. 

Judy Carroll is a Zeta Grey/Earth Human blended soul – one of many who have volunteered to live a life here on Earth at this time of major change. Her role is that of an ambassador between the two cultures. More than sixty years of ongoing contact with her Grey family provides her with a degree of authority to speak on their behalf.  In 1983 Judy was instructed by her Grey Teacher to learn Tai Chi, meditation, and a natural healing technique, with a view to future work as a teacher of these energy modalities. Many years of intense study followed, including eight years taking part in a closed meditation circle where she was trained in automatic writing. Judy is qualified as a Tai Chi instructor and as a Reiki Master.  Judy Carroll is the co-author along with Helene Kaye of The Zeta Message (2011), and author of Human by Day, Zeta by Night (2011), and Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth – Lessons in History (2017). 


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