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Judy Carroll is a 66 year old Australian who has been experiencing conscious contact with the extraterrestrial culture sometimes known as the Greys for many years. In her  series of books she tells about these experiences and what she has learned from her ongoing encounters. This is indeed fascinating reading, not to be missed or ignored!

All of these books are the result of a very special request put to Judy in 1995 by her star family, and are an account of her ongoing lifelong contact. They have been written with a wide readership in mind, rather than just those interested in the subject of ET/Human contact.


The Books:

My latest book, EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE ON EARTH: LESSONS IN HISTORY, is an exposé of the hidden history of Earth, including the development of several different human species, one of which was bio-engineered from dinosaurs, and another later one (modern-day humans) from mammalian primates. This book provides an ET perspective of the history of Earth, including the hijacking of the planet by reptoid 'Controllers' who continue to reincarnate down here, covertly influencing world affairs, and disempowering people through belief systems, governments/politics and big business. The intervention by positive extraterrestrials who are down here to help change this status quo is also discussed, along with information to assist humanity to a higher level of evolution and expanded conscious awareness.


The Nature of God

The Human Ladder and Evolution

Repterran Controllers in Modern Society

Invasion of Free Will

Humanity's Call for Help

Distorted Spiritual History on Earth

The Misunderstood Concept of Original Sin

Science and Religion

Death and Dying

Reincarnation and Our Multidimensional Self

Understanding the Grey Guardians.

HUMAN BY DAY, ZETA BY NIGHT  was requested by the ETs because of the common complaint by many experiencers that the Greys refuse to communicate. Greys can only communicate telepathically, and as I have personally experienced as a Grey up on the ship trying to communicate with a terrified Earth person, it is very difficult. A human mind paralysed and closed down with fear cannot pick up on telepathic communication. It's the equivalent of trying to listen to one radio station when your receiver is tuned into another station. This first book in the Zeta series has been presented as 'fiction' to assist in the translation from Grey to Earth human reality, but nonetheless is drawn from my own personal experiences and those of others with whom I work. It is an up-dated and re-published composite of my first two books - Looking Through Eyes of Love, and Looking Through Eyes of Wisdom, but with extra teachings and information added. 

Human by Day, Zeta by Night explains human/ET contact totally from the ET perspective, and is an account of what it's like actually being a Grey, both down here and up on the ship. It contains descriptions of procedures done on people taken on board the ships, and the reasons for these procedures. It also covers implants, human consciousness and evolution, crop circles, star children and hybrids, universal spirituality and much more. One of the main characters introduced in this book is a Roman Catholic priest, so that Earth-plane religion and cosmic spirituality could be discussed, compared and dealt with in depth.


THE ZETA MESSAGE, a non-fiction book, is the story of my own life and contact experiences, as well as  giving a detailed account  of a family, who in the year 2000, suddenly found themselves caught up in full-on and seemingly frightening contact involving flashing lights, black-clad figures appearing in bedrooms, and children waking screaming in terror. Introduced by a mutual friend, I was able to assist this family to open up to deeper levels of understanding as the fear barrier was gradually broken down to reveal incredible depths of love and conscious awareness.

Helene Kaye, the mother of the family involved, kept a detailed and almost daily diary of the incredible happenings taking place in their otherwise very normal suburban household, as her two children gradually moved past the fear to enable communication to take place with a tall Grey Elder Teacher who introduced himself as Oris. The children were given teachings very similar to what I'd been given over many years by another Teacher whom I knew as Maris. This provided validation for all of us as the children were completely unaware of my own experiences with the Greys.    

Both these books are published by Wild Flower Press, and are now available for ordering through Amazon.

Further information about the Author and more about the books can be found below.


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THE ZETA MESSAGE   ISBN-10: 0926524704          


HUMAN BY DAY, ZETA BY NIGHT    ISBN-10: 0926524712


PUBLISHERS Wildflower Press (Granite/5th World Publications)


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" My name is Judy Carroll. I was born in Queensland, Australia in 1952, and have been an Experiencer of profound and sometimes fully conscious contact with the Extraterrestrial Visitors known popularly as the Greys, or Zetas, since early childhood..."

Unlike most books written on this subject, my latest book, EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE ON EARTH, is a non-fiction account of Earth's history and current situation presented entirely from the off-planet perspective. As far as I know, much of the information provided has not been dealt with previously.

My books, both fiction and non-fiction, have been written with a much wider readership in mind than just those interested in the subject of ET/Human Contact. The messages conveyed through them suit all age groups and transcend all Belief Systems. They provide valuable tools for improving our quality of life through deeper understanding of Human Consciousness, Love and Fear, and by answering questions on the reasons why we are here and what we are here to learn, particularly about Self. There is also a wealth of information on God, Energy, and the Evolution of the whole Universal Family, from Man to Angel. The reasons behind ET/Human contact are also explained, clearly and concisely and in the words of the Visitors themselves.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  My qualification for writing on this subject is based upon the many years of contact I've had with these Beings since early childhood, and the lessons learned from them. My main cultural background is Spanish / Romany, and I've been a professional Flamenco Dancer since leaving school at age 15. As with all tribal cultures, this family background has equipped me with a deeper way of seeing and sensing the finer, less-physical realities that exist all around us, of which we are generally unaware as we go about our daily lives.

Unlike modern western society, tribal societies generally accept the existence of these hidden realities/dimensions as a natural part of life. As a result of this, at age 3 or thereabouts, when I found myself being taken by the hand of a tall, thin Zeta-type Being whom I thought of as Grandmother, and led up our quiet suburban street to board a train, it didn?t seem all that disturbing or unusual. It was only as I grew older and came to realise that there was no railway station anywhere near where we lived, that the bizarre nature of this clearly-remembered event occurred to me.  

A profound and conscious contact experience in 1983 at age 30 had the effect of totally changing my life around, shifting the focus away from my career as a dancer and onto a less physically-orientated path. During the course of this experience, which took place in full daylight, I was directed by the Visitors to learn Tai Chi and Meditation. Several years of hard training and study followed, and in 1989 I qualified as a Tai Chi Instructor, which included completing a course in Chinese massage therapy and acupressure. I now teach both 'empty hand' and weapon forms (sword and fan) in Tai Chi.

The ET Visitors certainly knew what they were about in directing me down that particular path, because this deeper study of Eastern healing techniques, and the energy system of the human body that all of these techniques are based on, was of great value some years later when I took up Reiki healing.

From 1987 to 1995 I attended a weekly meditation/psychic development group which provided an opportunity to learn spiritual healing, and also to discover a natural-born ability in automatic writing. My career as a writer was born in this group when inspiring, spiritual-type messages began channelling through the written word. These messages were coming from the ones already so familiar to me from my many years of ET contact.



A number of significant encounters followed, including one in 1995 in connection with a Sacred Site in the UK which I'd visited earlier that year. It was during the course of this encounter that a request was made by the ETs to put the teachings and information I'd been given into book form, but set in a fictional story-line so that it could be told entirely from their perspective.


A number of books on ET contact and so-called 'alien abduction' have been produced over the years, but most of them, particularly those dealing with the Greys, or Zetas, have been very fear-orientated. The driving force behind my books has been to change this perception; to tell the story from the ETs' point of view, and to clear up the many misunderstandings and wealth of disinformation that has been put out regarding them.


In 1993 I completed Levels One and Two in Reiki and in 1996 undertook Master training, but it wasn't until 1998 that I felt competent and confident enough to take up teaching. I now conduct seminars on a regular basis, and also facilitate a Reiki Support Group.

My ET Contact is still ongoing, as is that of my dear friend and co-author Helene Kaye, who is an experiencer herself and mother of two children who have also undergone profound and conscious contact experiences with the Greys/Zetas. Messages and teachings passed on to these two children by the ET friends have provided a massive amount of totally independent confirmation on information I have been given during my own contacts. Both of these 'children' are now happy, healthy and well-adjusted adults whose lives have been greatly enriched by their childhood contact with our Grey family, who still watch over them.