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Helene Kaye is the co-author with Judy Carroll of The Zeta Message, connecting all Beings in Oneness.

My name is Helene Kaye, and I was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. My older sister and I grew up in a very normal, happy household with not a lot of money but plenty of love and support from our parents.

Leaving school at fifteen I went on to Business College to do a secretarial course, and got my first job at age sixteen doing office work for a finance company. After three years I'd saved enough money for a once-in-a-lifetime six month trip to the UK and Europe. I travelled around in a motor home with my friends visiting many countries including Spain, Italy, Greece and the UK. I spent the last six weeks on a camping tour in Scandinavia.

The bus driver on the Scandinavian tour just happened to be a really warm, friendly Australian guy by the name of Gary. Naturally we got talking, and it turned out he too was from Brisbane. I returned home soon after that and went back to my old job at the finance company, Gary returned home not long after. We were married in May 1982. Our daughter Kira was born in 1988, and our son Ben in 1992. To me family is everything, and children are the most precious gift in the world; luckily Gary felt the same. It was for this reason I chose to be a stay-at-home mom while our children were young.


Both Ben and Kira suffered from asthma, and it was for this reason that I decided to learn Reiki, having heard about it from Gary's aunt Joan. I wasn't into any alternative or new- age stuff at all, but could not deny how much just one Reiki treatment carried out during a visit by Joan almost miraculously eased an asthma attack Ben was having. I learnt Reiki Level One in October of 1996, and ended up going right through to Master Level in October 2001. I've also done Levels One and Two of Brain Gym in 1997, studied Feng Shui in 1998 and in 2010 I completed the level one course in Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Gary and I started our own business of designing and manufacturing camper trailers in 1999, my side of the business being the book-work, marketing and sales assistant.  It was during this time, between 2000 and 2004 that my whole family started to experience weird and strange happenings in our home. These happenings were so weird in fact that we really didn't know who to turn to for help and advice. We knew very well that other people, doctors, psychologists, etc. would at best think we had great imaginations, and at worst think that we were all crazy and in need of psychiatric care if we'd tried to approach them with our experiences of mysterious flashing lights, terrified children who were seeing people in their bedrooms, scary dreams, strange noises, etc. My husband Gary and I kept hoping that it would all eventually stop and go away, but it never did; it just kept getting worse.

A lot of strange activity occurred after Gary and the children were all attuned to Reiki One. We were first introduced to Jude in June 2000 via our mutual friend and Reiki teacher who knew of her life-long contact and experiences with outer worldly visitors and suggested we meet. It is here where my whole life took a new turn, and down a very interesting path indeed. 

In 2005 we sold the business, which allowed me more time to concentrate on my Reiki work. I now teach Reiki and do  a lot of practitioner work as well. I also helped Jude both with Seminars and also in the writing and editing of her books, which led me to become a co-author with her in two of her books, The Zeta Message and Human by Day, Zeta by Night. 

Without Judy's help, knowledge and love, God only knows where we all would have ended up. With this in mind, as well as with a deep sense of compassion and understanding towards others in such a position, came my decision to reach out to those out there who are going through similar experiences, to help them to move forward from a place of fear, and into the arms of love and Oneness.

Contact established in 2000 between my Human family down here and my Zeta/Grey family Upstairs may have caused us some trauma at first, but once we moved past the fear a whole new and amazing world opened up for us from which we have learned, gained and benefited so much. Would we go through it all again Yes, absolutely!

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