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Human by Day, Zeta by Night by Judy Carroll

Human By Day, Zeta By Night is a reflection of The Zeta Message, but told in a semi-fictional story format to enable readers to step inside the Zeta mind. It provides a “virtual reality” experience of what it’s like to actually “be a Zeta”.

It tells the story of an ET by the name of Alarca, who meets her untimely death in a crashed ship on the continent of North America. As a result of this she decides to return to Earth to complete her mission, reincarnated as an Earth Human known as Ali to her family and friends.


At first Ali has only a very vague recall of her true identity, but this all changes on the night of her thirteenth birthday when a tall, black-clad Zeta Elder appears in her room. With the restoration of her soul consciousness, from that point on she must learn to lead a double life, as an Earth Human by day, then at night as her Human body sleeps, she boards the Ship to carry out her Zeta work.


In Human By Day, Zeta By Night, many fascinating teachings and messages are subtly woven into the story-line, with Ali and her fellow Zetas helping us to understand more about the expansion of Human consciousness through the ongoing process of soul evolution. In-depth information is also provided on the Zeta Greys themselves, as well as on Human/ET contact, crop circles, ET implants, star children, Angels, God, Universal Consciousness and the coming energy shift starting in 2012 – 13. Through Ali’s Human brother, Paco, who is a Catholic priest, many parallels are drawn and comparisons made between Human and ET spirituality.


The so-called “alien abduction” phenomenon is dealt with in great detail when Ali and her Zeta sister, Ashka, step in to assist a family undergoing such an experience. Their job is to transform these seemingly frightening and negative happenings into an experience of growth and awakening to deeper levels of conscious understanding.

This wondrously magical journey continues on to a thrilling and thought-provoking climax.

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Human By Day, Zeta By Night is a powerful docudrama based firmly upon the author’s lifelong ET contact experiences and subsequent awakening to Zeta consciousness. It is a book that will set you free from fear and into the arms of love, knowledge and inner power.  

To see excerpts from this book click here.

THE ZETA MESSAGE and HUMAN BY DAY, ZETA BY NIGHT are published by Wild Flower Press, and are available on Amazon from 1st April 2011.  

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