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The Zeta Message

Judy Carroll and co-author Helene Kaye's amazing non-fiction book The Zeta Message, published by Wild Flower Press (Granite/5thWorld Publishing - America) is out NOW.

The Zeta Message tells the story of Judy's own life-long and life-changing contact experiences with ETs, along with that of a family she was called upon to assist in the year 2000 when their home became the focus of prolonged and at times fully conscious ET visitation, centred mainly around the two children. Helene Kaye, the mother of the family, tells in her own words the story of a mind-blowing inner journey from abject terror, disempowerment and denial, to eventually move through the fear barrier to find love, deep knowledge/understanding and self-empowerment on the other side.


With Judy's help, the family was able to establish conscious and positive contact with the ETs, who became regular and welcome visitors to this very ordinary suburban home in Queensland, Australia.


Over a period of 4 years a vast amount of information, knowledge and teachings were imparted, as well as many questions answered and information given on the whys and wherefores of ET contact. Advice is also offered on how to cope with this type of contact, particularly where children are involved.


The Zeta Message is not just another book on ET contact, with questions left unanswered and fears left unresolved. This book is about learning how to tap into your own inner power of love, and of how the ET visitors are assisting our evolution through the opening and expansion of human consciousness to deeper levels of soul awareness, which is our true destiny. The Zeta Message will set you free from fear, and into the arms of Love, Knowledge and Inner Power.

A powerful Introduction written by psychologist Janet Elizabeth Colli, Ph.D. introduces the story. Janet is an associate of the late Dr. John Mack. She specialises in counselling ET Contact Experiencers and has authored her own brilliant book entitled Sacred Encounters.


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ISBN-10: 0926524704  

THE ZETA MESSAGE and HUMAN BY DAY, ZETA BY NIGHT are published by Wild Flower Press, and are available on Amazon from 1st April 2011. 

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