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About Judy Carroll

Hi, my name is Judy Carroll. I was born in 1952 in Queensland, Australia, into a Creole (Spanish/Sth. American), English and Romany (Gypsy) family background. I left school at age 15 to pursue a career as a professional dancer, following in the footsteps of my great-grandmother, who was a dancer and a psychic medium. The choice of such a tribal cultural background was made as a way to assimilate the off-planet aspect of my being into Earth-plane consciousness.

I am a Reiki teacher by profession, which enables me to pass on knowledge and information of energy healing given to me by my star family, including a most amazing aura cleansing technique, which I teach in my seminars. I am also a tai chi instructor, and have studied traditional Eastern healing and spiritual philosophies in depth for over 30 years. This aspect has provided me with an even deeper understanding of Universal Life-force Energy. 

As with all shamanic tribal cultures, the Romanies are generally more open to the finer less-physical dimensions that exist all around us on different energy frequencies. They have a deeper way of seeing these other realities which tend to be dismissed by modern western society as 'just imagination', or 'all in the mind', which equates with 'not real'.

What modern society cannot seem to grasp is that mind is not limited space but rather is a portal through to other realities / dimensions. Although these other dimensions vibrate on different frequency bands of energy not readily able to be perceived by our five senses, they are nevertheless just as real and valid as the third dimensional 'reality' we take so much for granted.

I've had lifelong contact with off-planet beings, and in 1983, at age 30, I had a conscious daytime encounter with the beings known as Greys - the small (and sometimes tall) thin ETs with large black or blue eyes, bald heads and 3 or 4 fingers on each hand. During this meeting I recognized them as 'family,' and I eventually regained recall of having chosen to operate through a 'dual,' or 'melded' Earth human/Zeta grey consciousness.

Just to explain a little about this: the original Soul Essence - what we all are at the very core of our being, is comprised of pure Source Energy beyond racial, religious, cultural or planetary identity. This Soul Essence is totally integrated in Oneness. When the time comes to reincarnate into another life, the Soul Essence begins to attract energy frequencies to itself from the collective consciousness of whatever planetary culture it will be incarnating into for the coming life.

Everything is energy, so the energy frequencies that are required for the coming life build up around the pure Soul Essence like the layers of skin on an onion. In this way, the Soul Essence begins to take on an identity in synchronization with the chosen planetary collective consciousness, a species consciousness on that planet, and the racial identity and group mind-set that has been chosen for the coming life.

Those like myself, whose mission is to be a 'bridge' between two different planetary groups, synchronize energetically with two rather than with one single planetary collective consciousness.

Knowing that an important part of my mission on Earth would be helping to allay the fear of contact with an off-planet, non-Earth-human-type species,  I purposely chose to not have conscious awareness throughout my childhood. In this way I was able to gain a deeper level of understanding and empathy with the terror experienced by many Earth humans who are having ET contact.

As a child I was very scared; too scared in fact to go to bed at night on my own; and this went on until age 10 or 11. This embarrassed me deeply for many years until eventually I began hearing about others who are known as 'Experiencers'; that is, people who have undergone encounter experiences with ETs; and came to know how common this phobia is. Other fears included eyes, puppets, clowns and owls - fears often connected with visitation by the Greys/Zetas.

The major turning point happened in my life at age 30, with the daytime encounter mentioned earlier. At that time my husband and I were living on an acreage property outside of town. This encounter was frightening at first because it started with the total body paralysis (which I'm quite used to now), but then two of the Visitors suddenly appeared beside the bed on which I was lying. They were solid enough to block some of the light coming in through the window, but as soon as I saw them, my fear dissipated completely. I recognised them as being very familiar to me and in fact there was a real sense of 'family' with them. I believe there was a third one present, but it was the pair standing beside the bed who communicated with me.

Although not consciously aware at the time of what information passed between us, soon after this I developed a strong desire to learn tai chi and meditation, and to move back to the city. I also knew my future involved teaching of some sort, but I hardly even knew what tai chi was and, as a dancer I was a very physically orientated person, and just not into things like meditation. I also loved living on acreage and couldn't understand why there was this strong urge to move.

It was years later when conscious recall of my conversation with the Grey family finally surfaced in my mind. During this 1983 encounter, which actually happened over 2 sessions a week apart, I was reminded of my mission and informed that it was "time for me to get back to work!" They then went on to explain that, in order to carry out this work, which involved being a 'communication bridge' between the 2 species, Grey and Earth-human, and also teaching Earth-humans about Energy, I'd need to do a lot of study and preparation myself.

After this encounter, life began changing dramatically. In fact I would go so far as to say I felt like a different person. As well as this, the whole situation was taken completely out of my hands, with a move back to the city initiated by the death of my 84 year old father-in-law and the need for my husband's mom to come to live with us. Then other coincidences began falling into place one after the other, with opportunities to learn both tai chi and meditation literally 'dropped into my lap' as the saying goes, all within weeks of our change of residence.

Many years of hard training and study followed in both Disciplines and for 8 years I took part in a weekly meditation/psychic development group in which I learnt to do automatic writing. This resulted in a series of spiritual-type teachings being conveyed to me by the Greys. In 1989 I qualified as a tai chi instructor, which involved studies in Eastern healing philosophy and energy. In 1993 the opportunity to learn Reiki came my way.

Another opportunity arose in 1995, with a trip to the UK which my meditation teacher had predicted eight years earlier. Her exact words were: "You will be making a trip overseas to 'find your roots.'"  On a physical level this turned out to be amazingly accurate as the trip involved a large family reunion, but deeper spiritual 'family roots' were also involved, with an incredibly profound encounter experience at a sacred site. This encounter involved a long needle with a blue crystal on the end of it being inserted (painfully) into my third eye chakra point. This had the effect of opening up much deeper understanding of my link with the Greys. The following year (1996), came an opportunity for me to complete Reiki Master training, which enabled me to teach and initiate others to Reiki.

It was during the 1995 encounter that a request was put to me by them to start writing books about ET/Human contact, but told entirely from the ET perspective. This is the reason why one of my first two books, Human by Day, Zeta by Night, was presented as 'fiction'. This was done to make the translation process from Grey reality to Earth-human reality a little clearer, and to appeal to a wider readership. Also, back then I was afraid of speaking out openly as a Grey/Earth-human. The Grey Family made a promise that much more information would be forthcoming, which was to be included in the books, and this certainly happened! 

In the year 2000 I was called upon to assist a family going through full-on and seemingly very frightening paranormal experiences. The two children, ages 7 and 12 at the time, were the ones most affected, with a tall black-clad Being appearing in the corner of their rooms at night. The father of the family saw him as well on a couple of occasions, once almost walking into him in the hallway. When a description of this Being was given to me I was almost certain that it was a Grey/Zeta Teacher visiting them, as I had been visited so many times throughout my life.

I spoke at length with Helene, the mother of the family, who also 'happened' to have learned Reiki from my teacher, and explained to her as well as I could what was going on. My reassurance helped the family come to terms with their experiences and eventually, with a lot of help from Reiki, the 12 year old girl felt at ease enough to try to communicate with the black-clad Being, who introduced himself as 'Oris'. He explained to her that he was a friend of my ET Teacher 'Maris'.

Three years of the most amazing full-on conscious contact followed, with Oris conveying a great amount of the same information to this young girl as had been given to me over the years, which provided incredible independent confirmation. There were things told to her which she had no way of knowing, including detailed information on Reiki and tai chi. As well as this, she brought back fully-conscious recall of both of us being up on the ET ship on a nightly basis, carrying out work, attending classes and generally interacting with the Grey 'Family'. Her mom Helene once heard Oris's voice physically as he instructed her on a new healing technique to include as part of our Reiki. Helene co-authored a second book, entitled The Zeta Message, which includes extensive notes from a diary she kept on a daily basis. My third book, entitled Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History, concludes the series.


Over the years there has been so much misinformation, fear and negative hype put out about the Grey/Zeta Visitors, often by 'researchers' who haven't had any encounter experiences themselves. The aim of our books is to counter this, by introducing deeper understanding and knowledge borne out of my conscious understanding from the dual soul perspective, and backed up by a lifetime of ongoing personal experiences.


If you would like to read more by ordering our book/s, please go to the BOOKS by JUDY CARROLL page.

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