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Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth by Judy Carroll


People complain that the ETs/Greys refuse to communicate; well, now is the time. They have plenty to say if you are willing to listen! The history of your planet is an ongoing saga of disinformation, twisted truth and outright lies. Deliberate misinterpretation of ancient scriptures has kept humanity in an almost endless state of conflict and chaos. Through my latest book Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History, we have gone to great lengths to provide you with a clearer understanding of past and present world events in order to help bring empowerment to all who dwell on Planet Earth.   


A covert agenda of disinformation and fear was set in motion during the time of Atlantis, with the hijacking of the planet by an older reptoid/human faction that I refer to as the Repterran Controllers, aided by their Draconian forebears.  This group continues to reincarnate on Earth to this day, exploiting, disempowering and brain-washing modern-day humanity through belief systems both traditional and alternative, as well as through government, political and military propaganda, the media, the entertainment, drub, alcohol and gambling industries, and more.


Intervention by benign off-world visitors - Pleiadians, Greys, Sirians, Arcturians and others was initiated by the development of nuclear power on Earth and the detonation of the atom bombs at the end of World War 2.  The war-like tendencies of Earth humans had become a threat to other civilisations which could not be allowed to continue.  This situation is still being monitored.

Cover Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth
ISBN 97818931860

My latest book provides information on many issues such as the Hybrid Progam, the Genesis Story, the supposed return of Planet X and the Anunnaki, as well as the Shadow Group and their cleverly faked alien abduction known as MilAbs (military abductions) involving remote mind control, holographic imagery, drugs and bio-robotic lifeforms specifically engineered to resemble the genuine Greys, who along with other benevolent off-world visitors, are here only to assist humanity to regain their rightful place as Citizens of the Universe.


Information is included on the Repterran influence on Hitler's Nazi regime, as well as a staged 'alien invasion' planned for the future as an excuse for the deployment of star wars-type weaponry in space.  UNDERSTANDING IS EMPOWERMENT! Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth provides this conscious understanding along with advise to enable humanity to free itself from this control, to take its place as true citizens of the Cosmos.

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