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... Correcting a few common misconceptions

Myth #1 Greys and other ETs are coming here to interfere with people, carrying out invasive procedures during 'abductions,' and interfering with peoples' minds.

Answer  The interference and invasion happened on Earth many millennia ago, and human DNA was compromised to block further evolution in order to enslave humankind. This mental enslavement has been going on ever since. The ETs who are coming here now, including the Greys and Zetas, are a 'rescue corps' who are trying to awaken humankind to the reality of the situation, to enable them to finally break free of this mind control.

The time is now ripe for Earth humans to evolve to more expanded levels of conscious awareness, which involves repairs to and upgrading of human DNA. Evolution in the human kingdom is a mind/spirit process, so it's at that level where assistance needs to be provided. However, universal law must be adhered to. 

Myth # 2 All ETs and most especially the Greys are demons who have come to Earth as 'end of time' biblical prophecies have predicted.

Answer Even the 'end of time' interpretation is not correct, and is part of a fear campaign that began long ago when Earth was hijacked by the Repterran Controllers. Yes, an 'Armageddon-type' scenario is unfolding, but it's more to do with a planetary consciousness shift to a higher energy frequency. The corresponding choice every human being on the planet must make is between Love and Fear.

The Greys are 'triers and testers of souls,' and are here to push people past the fear barrier/blockage in order to free them from the Controllers' interference and mind control, so of course they aren't welcome on Earth. A major disinformation and fear campaign has been put in place by the Controllers aimed specifically at the Greys to cause people to hate and fear them, thus diminishing any influence they may have on Earth.

Greys are not demons. They are simply another human culture that has evolved out of insectoids rather than the mammalian primates that were bio-engineered to create modern-day humans of Earth. The belief that Earth humans are the ultimate life-form in the universe is as incorrect as the belief once taught by the Church that Earth is the center of the universe and the sun revolves around it. It was only a couple of hundred years ago that people who opposed this dogmatic belief were put to death as heretics.

Myth #3 The Greys are taking DNA from corpses as part of a covert program. Photos have been taken of them at night in graveyards doing this.

Answer The Greys are carrying out a hybrid program to benefit both Earth humans and also a group of their own that fell victim to the Repterran Controllers. Yes, Earth human DNA is involved, but this is not taken from corpses but rather from living people taken up on the ships. Earth human DNA was compromised many millennia ago, which has interfered with the evolutionary process of humankind on this planet. The Greys and other ETs are trying to repair this damage. Given the ongoing presence of the Controllers on Earth, there is a very real possibility that humanity may end up destroying itself through nuclear warfare, destruction of the environment, disease, pollution etc., so Earth human genetic material is being taken to ensure the continuance of the species elsewhere if necessary.

Greys do carry out 'soul retrieval,' from situations where the energy frequency is too heavy for higher 'angelic' beings to enter. Because of all the fear being promoted through belief systems and Controller brain-washing on Earth, some human spirits become trapped in lower frequencies after death, and it's the Greys' job to assist them through to where they need to be.

Myth #4 Greys and Zetas are a hive consciousness with no free will.

They plan to impose this upon Earth humans.

Answer  Zetas and other Greys are in a way a 'hive consciousness' because they've evolved from hive-dwelling insectoid species, but they understand and respect the fact that Earth humans are different, having evolved from mammalian primates. Zetas and Greys are very ancient cultures, and for the most part have evolved past free will and into 'God's will.' Yes, they do operate as a hive consciousness in that everything they do is always for the good of all. It's not about self, as some people on Earth are inclined to act, with no thought or concern for others. Also Zetas and other Greys are highly telepathic, and everyone is attuned to the group Consciousness, which is like a vast, crystal-clear ocean, so there is no dishonesty or deceit.

Myth #5  Earth humans alone are made in God's image.

Answer This is a basic universal truth that has been misinterpreted and distorted by the 'Controllers' of Planet Earth. This misinterpretation is akin to still believing that Earth is the centre of the universe. God is not a physical human-type being. God is high frequency Source, Life-force or Creative Energy that permeates all of creation. All cultures throughout the universe acknowledge this Source Energy. This understanding and acknowledgement is not confined to humankind on Earth.

The true meaning of man being created in God's image is that it's at the human level of evolution that animal instinct gives way to the ability to access a conscious awareness of immortality. All human-type cultures in the universe have this awareness. Also, like God Energy, humankind is multi-dimensional, as is all creation.

The erroneous concept of humankind being physically created to look like God came about when certain off-planet people who do resemble modern Earth humans took part in the development of the human species on Earth. They provided their own genetic material to aid the evolutionary process of Earth-plane humanity, and in this way, the newly-developed Earth human species do resemble them very closely, and are in fact, made in their image.

Myth#6  Greys are robotic, with no emotion.

Answer Some Greys are biological entities, as are Earth humans, but having evolved out of insectoids rather than mammalian primates, they do look different. Some still retain the compound eye structure and chitinous exoskeleton of various insect species. This body type is ideal for space travel. Greys are human, and like all humans throughout the cosmos they can and do experience emotion. However, not having the same musculature in their faces, they cannot physically express emotion as Earth humans do. This is not to say they don't experience and express it in their own way.

Also, as with highly evolved spiritual Adepts on Earth, Greys have evolved to a point of being able to practice non-attachment, so, unlike the majority of Earth humans, they are able to control their emotions rather than their emotions controlling them.

There are, however, bio-robotic 'programmed life-forms' (PLFs) that have been manufactured on Earth to resemble the genuine Greys. These are used in MilAbs (military abductions) that are carried out by the 'Controllers' on Earth to cause maximum fear and confusion about the real ETS. Many seemingly genuine 'alien contacts' are actually staged, often targeting people who are also having genuine contact experiences. As well as the PLFs, remote mind control, drugs and holographic imagery are used. These PLFs are the robotic, emotionless and negative 'greys' that some people have encountered. Genetic material taken from the bodies of ETs who've died in ship crashes have been used to create them, usually with a mixture of insectoid and reptoid DNA in their makeup.

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