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- The Human Ladder


The division between Science and Religion in the West has resulted in a loss of the full understanding of human evolution. Darwin's Theory only shows half the picture by acknowledging physical evolution but dismissing soul, or spiritual evolution, whereas the Creationist viewpoint of religion dismisses the physical aspect entirely, which is not correct either.  Humans are multi-dimensional beings, so BOTH the religious AND scientific approach must be taken into consideration, with the two working together hand in hand. It is only by gaining an understanding of both physical (outer) evolution and spiritual (inner) evolution that the bridge between Science and Religion/Mysticism can be rebuilt on a conscious level. The missing link is the transformation of Energy to higher frequencies.


The Human Ladder, also referred to by the Zetas as the Cosmic or Universal Cycle, is an illustration of the physical and spiritual path that all human-type beings follow, progressing gradually from Human to Angel. The beings that humans down here perceive as Angels are simply a very highly evolved humanoid life-form which exists at a much higher vibrational frequency than Earth Humans.  

A proper understanding of this path of evolution takes away a lot of the mumbo jumbo element that has clouded humankind's comprehension of the spiritual aspect of creation/existence throughout history, but at the same time it reveals the true mysticism and sacredness of the whole process. Buried beneath the cold facts of science and the superstitions and dogmas of Earth's religions lies a reality that goes way beyond both. A reality which encapsulates a much truer and more accurate concept of God, and of our own personal relationship with the sacred Energy, or Universal Life-force of Oneness. 

Planet Earth is on the very first galactic level of the Human Ladder. These galactic levels are not places as such, but rather states of conscious awareness. 


There are many other human-type species inhabiting this level, all operating at more or less the same stage of conscious awareness. As we progress (evolve) upwards through the 10 levels of the Human Ladder, our degree of consciousness deepens, expands and becomes stronger. On Level 1 we are able to access approximately one-tenth of our full consciousness; on level 2, one can access two-tenths etc. As a being gradually progresses from Level 1 to Level 10, they are evolving both physically and spiritually from animal man to cosmic man, able to access ten-tenths (full) conscious awareness. In other words, they are Pure Mind. This "ascension" process involves the activation of more DNA.  The Greys are at Level 5 and upwards, and can therefore access five-tenths or more of their potential conscious awareness.


Fourth dimension is not Time. Time as it is perceived on Earth does not exist beyond third dimensional awareness. For example, in the astral plane of your sleep-state Time does not exist, thus you can meet up with friends and family who have passed over from their previous Earth Plane existence, and you can freely travel backwards and forwards in Time. Dimensions beyond the third are simply deepening and broadening aspects of Mind. Mind is not an enclosed space but rather a doorway through to other dimensions and realities outside of limited third dimensional awareness.


It is the ability to access finer and higher dimensional frequencies through deeper and broader levels of conscious awareness that human evolution is all about. If a Human of Earth could begin to tap into the Second Level of conscious awareness, they would display genius tendencies or at least a high level of psychic ability. This is precisely what is occurring with some of the so-called Star Children born since the early 1980s. At the same time, evolution is not about getting visualizations but rather realizations.


Through prolonged spiritual practices, some Adepts are able to influence normally automatic bodily functions such as blood pressure, brain waves, body temperature etc., which is another aspect of being able to access a higher level of conscious awareness. Thus there are two ways of achieving this evolutionary leap, either through genetic input from contact with higher evolved ET species as is being done through the Zetas genetic programme and other ET Contact, or else through spiritual practices such as Meditation, Reiki, Yoga etc., all of which impact upon the human Energy System by raising the vibrational frequency rate to a higher octave. 


It's important to understand that the Human Ladder does not represent a physical hierarchy. It is more to do with energy vibrating at ascending frequencies, so the separation between the various levels is the rate of frequency. It is not linear, and is not to do with "good" or "bad". It is simply differing bands of energetic frequency.


The other thing is - it also represents the evolutionary journey of each individual soul as well as planetary groups, because we are all multi-dimensional beings. Every one of us has a part of our being manifesting on each of the 10 levels of the Ladder. Our Soul/Higher Self actually spans all 10 levels.


When the crop circle illustrating the Human Ladder was created in Milk Hill Field in Wiltshire on the 13th of August 2001*, I was puzzled. We were told by our Grey Teacher that it is representative of the Ladder, but it only has 6 "arms", or "galactic levels", whereas the Ladder has 10. It's taken me a number of years to figure this out, but I finally understand. As with all deeper knowledge, the answer has been there all along, just waiting patiently for my limited human mind to figure it out. As we've found out over the years, the Greys never "spoon-feed" us information. They make us work for it, but what a great way to expand our consciousness, which is what human evolution is all about!


*See our Home Page for a photo of the Milk Hill Field crop circle.


The Human Ladder does have 10 levels, but it's only those beings in residence on the first 6 levels that are able to fully express physicality. The first 3 levels are physical, but even those on levels 4, 5 and 6 who have evolved beyond the need to experience lives on physical planets can, by lowering their vibrational frequency rate, experience a physical incarnation on a planet such as Earth, as a number of star people are doing at this time. However, once the soul consciousness has opened up to full awareness of levels 7, 8, 9 and 10, it is vibrating at too high a frequency to be able to experience a whole physical lifetime on a lower energy planet. Sure, there are aspects of the soul on all 10 levels, but the level 1 aspect cannot access the full conscious awareness of its higher aspects while in physical form, and the higher aspects cannot experience complete physicality on the lower levels.


To illustrate this I'll use myself as an example. At those times when I link into my Grey Teacher, Maris, who is on a much higher level of the Human Ladder, I'm aware of a massive amount of knowledge and information potentially available, but my limited Earth human physical brain simply cannot process it. I know that Maris is an aspect of me that exists at that higher frequency, and that he can express part of his consciousness through me, but he could not exist down here in his own right for the full span of a lifetime, just as I cannot express his full conscious awareness through my physical human brain. He can make a short visit down here, but cannot remain for any length of time.


This concept is very cleverly expressed in the Milk Hill Field illustration of the Human Ladder, with the first 3 physical levels and the next 3 potentially physical levels being represented in third-dimensional reality through the 6 spiralling "arms". However, the other 4 higher dimensional levels are there as well, right alongside the physical ones, but vibrating at a higher frequency that cannot be readily perceived by our limited third dimensional human awareness. As in the case of Zeta script, the extra 4 "arms" are superimposed over the 6 visible third-dimensional ones.


Zeta script is different from Earth human script in that it spans multi-dimensions, and therefore must be read with deeper sensing than just physical sight. A physical hint of these deeper layers is given in the small circles that can be seen alongside the bigger spirals. There are a total of 409 circles, which numerologically add up to 13, symbolically representing Transformation, which is precisely what the Human Ladder is all about - that is - transformation from animal human to cosmic human.


This glyph works as a healing mandala by illustrating the path of human evolution back to Oneness/Source and is a blueprint for human self-realization. It's the energy, or resonation, of Oneness intrinsically contained within the circle which impacts upon the energy systems of humanity and Planet Earth, to assist with the realignment/ascension process. 

A Teaching about the Astral Plane - 19.6.05

The astral plane is the plane of dreams and illusions because it is subjective, created out of the beliefs and understandings of your own mind as well as that of the Collective Consciousness of Humankind. At the same time it is a very real place, or perhaps state of mind or frequency would be a more appropriate term for it. Everything in the Universe, in fact the Universe Itself, is Energy, and the astral plane is a particular band of energy frequencies. The portal to the astral plane lies within your mind.


The Mind is not an enclosed, limited, third-dimensional state, but rather a vehicle or doorway through to other realms of higher and lower vibrational frequencies. Proper and prolonged meditation practice involving discipline and control of the mind enables one to open to higher, finer frequencies known as the higher astral plane, whereas use of mind-altering drugs cannot provide this protection, thus the mind can open to the lower astral realms, resulting in a 'bad trip'. These lower realms are the seat of fear.


The astral plane both surrounds and permeates the physical plane. It is right here and now, able to be tapped into at any time. It is the common meeting ground for ET Contact, and this is the reason why many Encounters take place when the Experiencer is either asleep or else in a slightly altered astral state.


We, (the Greys), are able to affect and change the vibrational frequency rate of humans to bring you into this state so we can meet with you half way. The problem is, because of the very nature of the astral realms, where human perception is always clouded by belief and superstition, and governed by the fear factor inherent in so much of astral plane contact, your memories and perceptions of the contact experience are often filtered, blurred and distorted by your own mind stuff. In this way, the contact is made to fit your own personal belief system, which may very well involve deep-seated fear of death, of demonic forces, or even of evil aliens intent on stealing your Soul.


In actual fact, this seeming attempt to steal your Soul, which a number of Experiencers have described and which is perceived as some sort of essence being sucked out of your body, is simply when we assist your spirit, your astral essence, to leave the limiting confines of the physical container (body). You yourselves do this unconsciously every single night of your lives when you fall asleep and dream. This spirit essence is not your Soul but rather only a small part of it. Nobody can 'take your Soul,' for you ARE a Soul manifesting a lifespan in a physical body. The belief that your Soul can be taken stems from superstitious, inaccurate and misunderstood religious and mystical beliefs inherent on Planet Earth. Your energy body can become unbalanced and compromised, but not your Soul.


Even the process of being placed consciously into an astral state can be quite traumatic, because it involves a significant alteration to your vibrational frequency rate. This in turn may manifest in symptoms of fear. Those trained in meditation techniques become accustomed to this and know the sensation for what it is, but for those who find themselves suddenly drawn into such a state it can be quite off-putting, for the heart rate rises and the body may shake uncontrollably. Sometimes too it may be accompanied by a feeling of dizziness and nausea, and a strange roaring/buzzing sound may be heard inside the head, which can cause discomfort.


What is important for you to understand is that, as humans, you are not just physical beings but rather multi-dimensional, and the different parts of your being vibrate at different frequencies. That which you perceive on Earth as physical reality is really only a very small, extremely limited band of frequencies. The energy at this physical level is actually vibrating quite slowly, and so it manifests as solid Matter. This includes your physical body, which could be compared to a block of ice.


Surrounding and permeating this physical reality band of slower vibrating energy that you think of as 'my body' is another band of frequencies vibrating at a slightly higher level. This could be compared to the block of ice that has now melted down to become water. Water vibrates at a higher, finer energy frequency than ice, and is therefore a liquid rather than a solid. It is the same substance, but its nature has changed slightly because of its altered frequency rate.

This band of frequencies can be thought of as the astral plane, and as multi-dimensional beings you have an aspect known as the astral body, or spirit. This is not your solid physical body but rather your mind and emotions. Mind and Emotion are the vehicles of the astral realms, and to fully access this finer aspect of your being you must step away from the physical vehicle (body) and experience solely through thought, feelings and imagination.


Surrounding and permeating both the physical and astral/spiritual aspects of your being is Soul, which vibrates at an even higher and finer frequency. This could be likened to the steam that is created when our block of ice has melted to water, which is then made to vibrate at a higher rate again through the process of being heated to boiling point until it evaporates as steam.


This Soul is your Higher, or True Self, and is the Cosmic, Universal, God-part of your being. Although the terms 'spirit' and 'soul' are used fairly loosely, they do not quite mean the same thing. Your spirit, like your physical body, is only a part of you, the Soul, and is, as explained before, comprised of mind and emotion. It is the astral part of your being that incarnates and reincarnates time and time again in order to gain in knowledge, experience and wisdom.


It is the Soul Aspect of your being that should ideally be in control of your life, because this is the part of you that is in direct contact with Source/Oneness/God, and therefore able to tap into deeper and more expanded levels of conscious awareness than the very limited one-tenth consciousness that most Humans of Earth are able to access. The degree of Soul Consciousness that you are able to access consciously depends entirely upon how in touch or out of touch you are with this higher aspect of your being.


This is where we come up against difficulties when we try to make contact/connect with you. Nobody and I repeat, NOBODY is ever forced into contact with us. Contact is agreed upon by YOU YOURSELVES, but because this agreement is made by the Soul Aspect of your being during your prebirth state, the memory is often completely hidden from the small one-tenth consciousness that you are able to access as Humans of Earth. The problem is that the incarnate human consciousness is exactly like an iceberg, with only one-tenth able to be perceived above the surface of the ocean (the conscious mind). The other nine-tenths (sub-conscious and super-conscious) are hidden away and forgotten beneath the surface. This does not mean these other parts are not there; it is just that you cannot perceive them.


ET Contact usually takes place on the astral level of your being, because it is a common meeting ground for both our species. Earthling consciousness is focused most strongly in the physical, whereas our consciousness is focused most strongly in Soul, so the astral plane forms a bridge between the two and is reasonably compatible to both parties.  

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