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New Release!

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My latest book, An Interview with an Alien: Comments by an Undercover ET, is a commentary on a book published in 2007, by Lawrence Spencer, entitled Alien Interview. This book was presented as a transcript taken down by an Army Nurse by the name of Matilda MacElroy, who was serving in the American Military at the time of the Roswell crash. The book is comprised of copious notes claimed to have been dictated to this Nurse, communicating telepathically with an ET survivor of the crash that occurred near the town of Roswell in the American south-west in July of 1947.


Parts of the story (about 40%) resonated deeply with me, but much of it did not, coming as I do from the dual perspective of a blended Zeta/Earth human soul. I have had lifelong contact with the beings known as the Zetas, which was the planetary group involved in the Roswell incident. Some of the information provided by ‘Airl,’ the ET character, is accurate, but the majority is very shallow and limited, with several glaring contradictions and errors. My suspicions were aroused that this book is based on truth, but with a lot of disinformation added by somebody else on a subject that has been buried in disinformation, mis-information and just plain silliness since the 1950s.

In 1995, my off-planet family requested me to write a book on the subject of ET/Earth human contact from the off-planet perspective. This request has resulted in my three previous books – The Zeta Message, Human by Day, Zeta by Night, and Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth. On first reading the original Alien Interview, I could see that it contained some very relevant information that is vital for Earth right now. The deeper connotations of ‘Airl’s’ information on the need for a spiritual awakening of humanity, and the high level of covert mind-control and brainwashing, must be highlighted and explained more clearly. The time is ripe for further knowledge and understanding to be revealed.


Some of the subjects covered and questions answered in my Commentary on this book include: Human Consciousness and the Cosmic Conundrum – Reality is an Illusion and the Illusion is Reality – How can this be? The Cosmic Laws of Reflection, Attraction and Manifestation. Is Earth really a ‘prison planet’? Where do we go from here? Why are the ETs here? What is the deeper story behind the Roswell event?

A German language edition of this book is also available on Amazon.

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