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This meditation/visualisation exercise was given to me by the Zeta Family on the 17th of September, 2010, to be used for planetary healing. It may be practised alone or in a group...

Sit quietly and close your eyes, allowing your body to relax ---- just relax. Let go ---- let your muscles become loose and limp ---- let all tension, all tightness slide gently away. Take a slow, deep breath IN, and be aware of it flowing down – deep down into your stomach as far as it will go, causing your stomach to RISE….. Now let your stomach relax and fall as you breathe OUT. With the OUT breath, visualize all the tension and tightness flowing out of your body ---- all the tension draining away as you breathe OUT…. Now again breathing IN as your stomach rises ----- breathing OUT and letting your stomach relax and fall. Continue with this gentle, relaxed breathing ---- IN ----- and OUT, just concentrating your awareness on the breath.  (Allow time for about 10 slow breaths).

Now I want you to visualize your body being bathed in a beautiful white light energy that is flowing down into the top of your head, and passing over and through you, as if you are standing under a crystal-clear waterfall. Know that this light energy is not only cleansing and regenerating your physical body ---- it is also regenerating, balancing and harmonizing your energy body – your chakra system.

Your chakra system resonates in unison with the color spectrum of a rainbow, and as this clear, sparkling waterfall flows over and through you, the seven rainbow colors of the spectrum can be seen through the prism effect created by the falling droplets of water. As these pure, clear colors bathe your body, each of your main chakras is able to draw the appropriate color needed to restore it to a state of perfect harmony, balance and clarity.

Let us begin by bringing your awareness to the first chakra situated at the base of your spine. Center your awareness on the base of your spine and visualize the color red, which resonates in unison with your Base Chakra. Try to visualize a rich, pulsating, vibrant red ray of light, restoring strength and vitality to your life-force energy. Bring to mind the beautiful reds of nature – a large, shiny, red apple; a deep, velvety, red rose; the red leaves of autumn. Now draw the color red down to the base of your spine. Feel it warm, glowing and pulsating, filling you with life, strength and vitality, spreading out through your whole body.

Moving upwards from the Base Chakra, the second energy center, the Sacral Chakra, is situated in your lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel. Concentrate your attention on this area and visualize the color orange like a crackling fire sending sparks of energy, warmth and creativity through your whole being – body, mind and spirit, healing and nurturing your inner child. Think of the colors of orange in nature – a large, juicy orange bursting with life-giving goodness; the soft orange glow of a candle flame; the inviting warmth of a camp-fire on a dark night; the orange splendour of a sunset sky. Draw the color orange down to your stomach area, and feel its spreading warmth and creative energy coursing through you.

Now raise your awareness to the Solar Plexus, situated just below your rib cage. This center resonates with the golden yellow color of the sun. Visualize the color yellow unfolding in your Solar Plexus Chakra, bringing with it a sense of peace, calmness, safety and self-assurance. Just relax and let all the tension flow out of your Solar Plexus – all the knots of tension and insecurity that we tend to carry in this area. Let the golden yellow light energy wash them all away, leaving behind the radiant brightness of a sun whose shining rays penetrate your whole being, surrounding you with a sense of protection, lightness and self-empowerment.

These lower centers which resonate with the warm colors of the spectrum – red, orange and yellow – are the centers which connect us to the physical Earth Plane and to the state of being Human. We will now move on to the higher centers; those resonating with the cool colors of green, blue, indigo and violet, which link us to the higher realms and serve to calm and balance out the heat of our Human emotions.

The Heart Center of love, balance and harmony is the bridge between the two. Love is the bridge between physical and spiritual; lower self and higher self; Human-hood and God-hood, creation and creator. The color green is the bridge, the balancer and the harmonizer. Feel your heart center begin to pulsate and resonate with the healing and refreshing color of green. Allow your mind to dwell on all the greens of nature – the grass, cool and soft underfoot; a tree, its leaves dancing and rustling in the gentle breeze; the green depths of a forest pool. All the different shades of green – apple green, emerald green, olive green, the pale, translucent green of new shoots in spring, and the lush green of summer foliage. Draw the color green into your heart center, and from there see it flowing out to others, refreshing, healing and harmonizing, engendering a sense of deep, loving compassion and empathy towards all those around you, in your home, in your city, in your country, in your world, and in your universe.

Now move your awareness to your Throat Center – your center of communication. Here the color is blue – the clear, bright blue of the sky. Visualize the color blue in the area of your throat – cool and healing, helping you to express yourself in a loving, calm and caring way to your fellow beings; enabling you to communicate your thoughts, feelings and ideas, and forging a link between yourself and those around you. Remember how you can, by choosing the right words, give comfort and upliftment to another soul in their time of need. Visualize the blueness of the sky on a cloudless summer’s day; the limitless bowl of space reflecting the color blue back to Earth – reflecting its mirror image in the vast blueness of the ocean, or in a small mountain lake. Draw this clear blue into your throat center to enable clarity of expression and communication.

Now try to visualize this same blue sky as the sun sets and night begins to fall. See how it turns from light, sunny blue to the deeper indigo blue of the night sky. This indigo blue is the color that resonates with the Brow Chakra – that which we call the Third Eye. Draw the indigo color into the area of your forehead, between and a little above your eyebrows. Visualize it in your mind’s eye as a flower, a beautiful indigo-colored flower, slowly opening its petals in the center of your forehead, heightening your intuitive capacity, your sensitivity to the needs of others and helping you to think and see more clearly.

From here, raise your awareness to the top of your head to the Crown Chakra – the doorway of your mind. Remember, your mind is not an enclosed and limited space, but rather a portal leading into higher realms of reality. The color here is a rich, deep, glowing violet. Imagine a violet-colored flower in the top of your head – a beautiful lotus flower, opening its petals, opening you up to guidance from your Higher Self – the God-part of your being.

As the violet-colored lotus flower opens more fully, it draws crystal-pure white light, the cosmic life-force energy, down into it. Allow this white light energy to flow into your Crown Chakra, linking your thoughts more fully to the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Consciousness. This light energy works upon your body like a piano tuner, bringing your whole system back into a state of perfect harmony, which in turn enables you to link more fully in Oneness with the Music of the Cosmos and all who dwell therein.

As you sit here quietly, completely relaxed, completely safe, bathed in the white light of universal energy, you come to realize that you are on board a huge mothership out in the vastness of space. You are reclining in a chair that has molded itself exactly to the contours of your body to provide maximum support and comfort. You feel warm, safe and nurtured, almost as if you are inside a giant womb. There are others around you sitting in similar chairs, and all of your minds are linked in total trust, oneness, and singularity of purpose. You are aware of the fact that not all of these folk are Humans of Earth; in fact some of them appear quite different physically to yourself, but know clearly that the same stream of God Consciousness that flows through you, also flows through them. They too are drawing the pure, crystalline white light of Universal Oneness through their crown chakras, just as you are, and they too are attuned to the Music of the Cosmos.

You are all Family, all brothers and sisters, and you are sitting here together in oneness, with your minds focused upon a single purpose. That purpose is to send healing energy to Planet Earth. A large computer screen is set up in front of you, and on that screen is an image of Earth – a beautiful blue planet floating in space, there before your eyes. All of you here on the mothership are clearly focused upon this intention of directing love and healing to this little blue planet in its time of need.

Visualize the rainbow-colored light that you have utilized for your own healing and balancing now being directed towards the Earth. Know that you are not alone in this exercise ---- all those present in the room around you are also directing this beautiful rainbow light towards the healing of Planet Earth. As you sit there watching, you see all the healing and harmonizing colors of the rainbow being directed into the image on the screen, merging and coalescing in clouds of pure light energy, as if wrapping the planet in soft cotton wool.

Your first intention is to focus on projecting the color violet, to try to gently touch the minds of those Humans of Earth caught up in a state of forgetfulness of the fact that they are immortal souls, each and every one with the Spark of God within their being. The intention is to re-awaken them to this basic universal truth, and to re-connect them consciously with their Higher Selves, and the knowledge that, in reality, we are all ONE. There is no “other”, there is no separateness, no “them and us”, no matter what language, what religion, what political persuasion, what culture, what nation or what planet – we are ALL ONE….

And then, by directing the color indigo towards Planet Earth, the blindness of ignorance, duality and self-righteousness will be washed away, enabling people to open their inner sight more fully to the greater reality, thus they will come to see and realize with greater clarity that we are indeed ALL ONE…..

Now focus on directing the color of blue, to enable the people of Earth to use their gift of speech and verbal expression in a wiser, more loving and compassionate way, and to assist them to speak their truth from the heart, with courage, sensitivity and integrity.

We focus the color green to heal, harmonize and balance the Heart of Humanity, thus enabling them to love and respect themselves as vessels of light, able to fully acknowledge and access the God Source within. This in turn will enable each and every one to perceive, acknowledge and honor that self-same God Essence in all others, and by so doing they will see their world through eyes of love, empathy and oneness rather than through the false perception of duality and separateness…..

Once having acknowledged the God within, the color yellow of the Solar Plexus Center will strengthen their innate sense of self-empowerment and self-worth, so that fear will no longer hold dominion over the hearts and minds of the people of Earth. The disempowerment of fear is the basis of all negative happenings on Earth, and gives birth to all forms of animosity, bigotry and prejudice.

When the insidious cancer of fear is healed in Human hearts, peace will reign on Planet Earth, and this can only come about through a fully conscious acknowledgement of the God within each and every Human being on the planet, regardless of what belief system is followed. To truly acknowledge the God within is to know you are all-powerful, divine Beings, and to overcome fear through this strong sense of self-empowerment and self-worth is to know peace in its purest and truest form. There is really nothing to fear except fear itself, and once you are able to fully acknowledge the God within, then you have all the tools needed to overcome fear.

In overcoming fear, one is able to acknowledge and express a sense of total trust, which enables a Human to re-connect with their inner child. Remember, one must become again as a little child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The color orange heals and nurtures this pure, innocent aspect of a Human being, cleansing and clearing all fear-oriented behaviour patterns such as cynicism, pomposity and over-inflated ego.

Once a Human being has accessed and healed their inner child, it is then time for them to link into the color red. This color will help to ground the emotions, and will connect them more strongly to their Mother Earth, from which they may draw strength and vitality.

Now that our healing exercise has been completed, bid a friendly farewell to your companions on the mothership. Begin to return to physical Earth Plane reality by focusing your awareness on your crown chakra. Now step through the portal and bring your awareness down to your brow chakra, then through your throat, your heart, your solar plexus, your sacral chakra and finally to your base chakra. Become aware of the feeling of the floor beneath your feet. Visualize a flow of energy like an anchor, flowing down from the soles of your feet and penetrating deep into the Earth, anchoring you firmly in Earth Plane reality. Go forth into your daily life, always carrying a little rainbow of healing light in your heart. But don’t keep it secretly hidden away within ---- allow it to shine out for all the world to see. Share with those around you, for the more light you are able to project outwards into your world and into the cosmos, the more that will be returned to you.

Be one with yourself,

Be one with your world,

Be one with your universe.

When you reach out to the universe

You receive love,

And when you share your love within the world

You shall be ONE.



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