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Reiki - Life Force Energy   


Reiki is a Japanese word which translates into English as Universal Life-force Energy. It is a simple but very effective technique brought to Australia in the 1980s. The Reiki Method of Natural Healing was founded in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist Scholar (1865-1926). It was passed down from Master to student through an ancient initiation process which is an intrinsic part of Buddhist tradition. One cannot initiate oneself to Reiki. The transmission must be passed on by a person who has been initiated to Master Level themselves by a qualified Teacher.

Judy and Helene in a Reiki session

Reiki was taken from Japan to America via Hawaii at the time of the Second World War by Hawayo Takata, a Japanese/American lady. In 1970 Hawayo Takata began teaching Reiki to the wider community in America. Since then, Reiki has benefited thousands of people throughout the world. The Zeta Folk are very respectful of Reiki, and love the feel of it. We've actually had one of the Teachers ask for it on a couple of occasions.

Reiki works by balancing our Energy (Life-force) System and harmonising our vibrational frequency at the molecular level, thereby bringing about healing in all aspects of our being. This Energy System underlies all the other Systems of our body, eg Nervous, Respiratory, Circulatory and Glandular Systems; all conditions of illness begin at this deeper level as an imbalance in our Life-force Energy, eventually manifesting on the physical level as a symptom. Natural healing techniques such as Reiki address the Cause (imbalance of energy), thus assisting in the prevention of illness as well as relieving symptoms already present.

Reiki is not related to mind control or faith healing.


It is not a Belief System.


It is not a psychic technique. 


Reiki is the transmission of pure energy, which works on our physical,

emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects simultaneously. 


ANYONE can learn Reiki.

Reiki Levels One, Two and Three are each taught over a period of 2 days. The length of time an individual takes between each Reiki Level is a personal choice, bearing in mind that as one progresses through the Levels, much personal growth takes place on all levels of your psyche, so it is best not to rush the process. Having the patience to take the time to enjoy and fully savour the journey is part and parcel of spiritual growth.


The number of levels you undertake is also a personal choice. Some people are perfectly content to stay at Level One, whereas others may wish to go all the way to Master/Teacher Level. This is your choice, there is no pressure, and all seminars are conducted in a friendly and relaxed manner for maximum enjoyment


Tuition in Reiki available through Judy or Helene
Reiki 1 - $250
Reiki 2 - $300
Reiki 3a - $300


the first step

This seminar provides an introduction to the Energy of Reiki.


You will learn its history and background, and you will receive 4 Attunements over the 2 days which enable you to access and work with the Energy. This Level of Reiki will give you the tools to take control of your own health and well-being, by enabling you to treat yourself and others.

You will be given comprehensive instruction and practice in the technique, including our amazing 13 step Aura Cleanse (as taught to us by a Zeta Teacher), as well as clear and easy guidelines to help you work with Reiki in your daily life.


advanced Reiki

This seminar provides the means for more profound personal growth.

You will receive a further Attunement which will empower you to work with Reiki in a greatly expanded capacity by initiation to the Reiki Symbols. These sacred tools help us to access Energy in specific forms, to assist in clearing and healing on all levels in a rapid and harmonious way.

Reiki Two offers a powerful means for deeper spiritual unfoldment, as well as providing the tools for using Reiki at practitioner level.


the inner journey

See The Zeta Connection.

This seminar is a further step for those who have completed Level Two, and is part of our commitment to providing students with a well-grounded framework for more profound spiritual unfoldment.

Reiki Three is about inner growth and expansion of consciousness towards Self Realisation through innate understanding of Universal Oneness. It is about moving beyond limiting concepts and belief systems to take the pure essence of Reiki Energy into the 21st century. Reiki Three is for those who feel a need to explore the spiritual aspects of Reiki more deeply.

For those who wish to attain Master/Teacher Level, the Reiki Three seminar will provide a more in-depth understanding of Energy and Self.

Judy Reiki.jpg

Master Level Tuition


The basis of this seminar is taught over two days, or more if required, and students are then encouraged to sit in on as many seminars as possible to totally familiarise themselves with all aspects of Reiki, both as Teachers and Practitioners. The Reiki Three Level is a pre-requisite for Master Training.

Cost - on application.

We constantly strive for excellence in the teaching and practice of Reiki. Our aim is to preserve the sacredness of the Energy, while promoting the everyday usefulness of this tool for growth and personal development.

For more information please contact us at:  

The Zeta Connection


I (Judy) have been teaching Reiki in the traditional Usui System since 1998. In 2001, when full-on conscious contact was established with the Grey/Zeta Teacher Oris, some minor suggestions were passed on to us on ways to improve our transmission of the Reiki Energy. One of the first of these was instruction on how to hold our hands in what Oris referred to as the ‘Peace Sign’. Experimentation followed, as well as one or two small adjustments to make it easier for our human anatomy to manage. The Zetas are a lot more flexible in their bodies than Earth Humans, and so we found it virtually impossible to hold our hands exactly as Oris showed us for a full five minutes in each position, so an alternative suggestion was given to make things easier.


It was some weeks later during a Reiki Seminar in which I was teaching this position (not mentioning where I’d learnt it), that one of the students who’d studied Tai Chi for many years made the comment: “Oh yes, I learnt that hand position in Tai Chi! The teacher referred to it as ‘Tiger’s Mouth’.” This was amazing confirmation for me, because even though I teach Tai Chi myself, I’d never heard of this.


Further confirmation followed, this time from a Roman Catholic Nun who was attending one of my Seminars. She’d learnt Qi Gong, and when I demonstrated the Peace Sign position her response was: “We learnt that in Qi Gong as ‘Diamond Hands’.”

Our tall Grey Teacher also taught us a wonderful Qi Gong breathing technique (see above), which is very calming, and assists in centering, balancing and grounding our energy. 


As well as this, Oris taught us an amazing Aura Cleansing technique comprising 13 steps, to be done before and after every treatment and attunement. It’s like a mini-treatment on its own, and has become a great favourite with many mothers I’ve taught, as it’s wonderful for settling restless children at night.


The Grey Friends eventually passed on a whole Seminar for us to teach people who’ve completed Reiki 2 and want more, but don’t necessarily want to do Master Level. This Seminar is the equivalent of the 3 (a) Level taught by some Reiki Schools, but is very different, and mainly directed towards inner growth. Again, independent confirmation has been provided on many points taught in this Seminar. It includes some of the original techniques used by Mikao Usui which he passed on to his students in the early 1900s, some of whom were still living in 2004.


This Seminar, which I call Level 3 (a), also provides wonderful preparation for those wishing to complete Master Level, or those wanting further studies.


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