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Curls of Incense - Signs

Judy's friend and co-author Helene experiences visits and teachings from the Greys and she says that they regularly visit her while she is giving Reiki treatments to her clients and they leave playful signs in the incense...

This is their post from back in 2011 (approx).

Judy explains: "It all began a few years back when Oris (one of the Grey Teachers) was present at Helene's home one evening and commented upon how you can meditate using the slowly rising smoke of a burning incense stick. He then proceeded to create various shapes with the smoke as the family watched in fascination.

As far as the ash forming shapes, it only occurs when we request it, never on any other occasion, and both Helene and I burn incense all the time.

In a way, it’s become a sort of ‘in joke’ with the Zeta Family, and also a way Oris has of letting us know when he’s around.

The really weird part is the ash never collapses. One of the photos was taken back in May 2008 and it's still firmly in place.

Helene has to keep buying new incense holders as she doesn't want to wreck Oris' handiwork.

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