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EL OR KAH – Between Two Worlds

Living upon planet Earth as a Grey dressed in Earth human form, I find myself caught inextricably between two worlds. While I do understand the terror experienced by humans who are taken on board our ships, I also feel great sadness and frustration at the dread with which my people, the so-called Greys, are regarded.  The work we are carrying out is not meant to harm but rather to help in the spiritual transmutation process which all must face eventually.  As well as this, we are also attempting to save this beautiful planet from the terrible damage that has been wrought through ignorance and so-called ‘progress.’

During one of ET contact experiencer Betty (Andreasson) Luca’s early encounters with the Greys, a message was delivered in a strange language. This was recalled under hypnosis carried out by Raymond Fowler, the author of several books on Betty’s experiences, including The Andreasson Affair, and The Watchers. It was several years before a researcher by the name of Leonard Keane discovered that the language was Gaelic, and could be translated into English. I shall quote this message, as it was transcribed:

'Children of the northern peoples, you wander in impenetrable darkness.  Your mother mourns.  A dark occasion forebodes when weakness in high places will revive a high cost of living; an interval of mistakes in high places; an interval fit for distressing events.' 


Most of this message is, I believe, fairly self-explanatory, however I will clarify it a little more, as it is of great importance to the future of this planet, especially at the present time. 'Children of the Northern Peoples' refers to modern Western society, which is a parallel and a reflection of that ancient society known as 'Atlantis', the 'Northern Continent', which was totally annihilated through the destructive behaviour of some of Its inhabitants who developed and used advanced technology without the spiritual maturity to handle it wisely.


The damage Earthlings are again imposing on the natural environment of their planet is becoming more obvious every day, as man-made pollution and global warming destroy the very lifeblood of our Mother Earth; but other more subtle damage is reoccurring as well, on deeper levels of the human psyche.  This damage will eventually lead to the DEvolvement rather than the evolvement of the Earth human species. I am speaking here of the destruction of spiritual, ethical and family values, which are the very qualities that set humans apart from the animals. In fact, some animals show a higher level of spirituality than do some humans.


Animals act purely out of instinct, whereas humans have 'tasted the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge'.  In other words, we have reasoning power; the ability to apply free will in order to choose between 'right' and 'wrong'. At the same time, humans of Earth are only on the very first rung of the Human Ladder, and many have not as yet evolved to a high enough level to be able to handle such freedom.  To attain total freedom, self-discipline must first be mastered, otherwise your planet will resemble a classroom full of five-year-old children, with no teacher in charge to maintain order among the potential chaos.


Unfortunately, that is exactly how Planet Earth is seen from the ET perspective.  Is it any wonder that, like any mother who sees her children running riot, the ETs give warning with dire threats and graphic images of disaster and destruction if Earth humans persist in their childish and dangerous behaviour!


For those humans who refuse to accept that anything exists beyond your limited, three-dimensional 'reality', and deny the existence of any sort of motivating God Force behind Creation, all that can be said is, please open your minds and wake up!  Just as all rivers flow naturally to the sea, as spiritual beings incarnating in physical form for the span of a lifetime, every single one of us yearns on deeper levels of our psyche for a return to that pure state of Oneness and Wholeness that is our true Home. This applies no matter how hard one may scoff at or deny this intrinsic need.


You   only   have to consider the many, many reports of sightings of non-physical beings such as ghosts and other spirit entities, and the uncanny similarity of numerous Near Death and Out of Body experiences reported from widely diverse cultures, to know that there is more to life than the limited three-dimensional physical existence you encounter on a day-to-day basis. It is simply a deep-seated fear of the unknown that causes such vehement denial of such possibilities from certain people.


To explain the message further – ‘your mother mourns' refers to your Mother Earth, also known as Terra, the beautiful planet you call Home. Planet Earth is a living, evolving, sentient Being just like all of you, Her children. Of course, She feels great sadness to see Her human children groping in the darkness of intolerance and fear, simply because of such trivialities as differences of race, colour, creed or language. If you cannot accept and get along with members of your own Earth-human kind, then how will you ever learn to accept others who look so very different but are, nevertheless, still part of our Universal Family?


This is the reason why off-planet visitors do not come here more openly and will not until Earth humans have succeeded in raising their vibrational frequencies to more spiritually evolved levels.  The ETs do value their own lives too, you know!  The racial and religious intolerance which humans display is actually a carryover from the animal kingdom, in which the protection and marking out of territory by various means is such an all-important part of existence.  Any outsider entering this marked area who is not part of the herd or flock is treated with great mistrust, and attacked accordingly. Surely as human beings it is time to move away from such limiting and fearful behaviour, and come to understand that the colour of a person's skin, the language they speak, or the religion they follow is so very unimportant.  All that really counts in the end is the depth of love and compassion in the heart.


The 'weakness in high places' refers to the many immature and unevolved souls who hold positions of power and control upon Planet Earth at this time, whose whole agenda is to incite divisiveness, intolerance and fear rather than unity, understanding and brotherly love. This is of great concern to the off-planet Caretakers, for it is this spiritual ignorance and greed in high places, that is, in the Governments of Earth, which has caused the downfall of the human race in ages past and will certainly bring about many distressing events in the future of our world.


Growth, economy, health, and the evolution of humankind will be affected on a planetary level.

As a blended Earth human/Grey Soul, with a ‘foot in both worlds,’ I can see this situation from both sides. Speaking from my own perspective, the most important thing to understand is that all of us create our own reality through how we think and act. Quantum physics is now proving this as solid scientific fact. With the events happening on Earth right now, we are being presented with two choices in the way we react. These two choices are Love and Fear. This is the free will choice we need to make right now.


In the making of this all-important choice, we need to ask ourselves these questions: ‘What sort of future do I want to create, individually and also on a planetary level? Do I want a peaceful, loving future, or a future filled with conflict and discord? What sort of world do I want for myself and my children? We are facing a massive energy shift right now, so how do we want it to play out?


Please be aware that all your actions count during this transition. How you treat your family, how you treat your fellow humans, how you treat your Mother Earth. Your daily actions as a human being right now are setting the pattern for your future, so please take the time to just pause and consider your free will choice – Love or Fear – positive behaviour or negative behaviour. My firm belief is that the vast majority of Earth humans are good, decent people who just want the best for everyone around them. We WILL get through this, and our beautiful Planet Earth will be a better world for it.


Through the temporary cessation of so much human activity, the planet is already beginning to heal. Perhaps the present crisis is meant to be not only a lesson for us for the future, but also a means for us to create a better reality through our own conscious empowerment.

Love, light and blessings to all of you.




As quantum physics is proving, you create your reality through your own thought patterns. This applies on a personal level, but also on a family, group, national and planetary level. Earth is a school planet; you are creators-in-training, and as with any school, tests are set to gauge your progress. One of the main subjects of study on which you are tested is discernment of energy frequencies. This is what is meant in your Bible about ‘testing the spirits.’ Everything in the universe, including all sentient beings, is energy in motion, so it’s important for you to be able to discern this energy, and learn to feel when it is vibrating in a state of balance or imbalance. You may notice here that we do not use the terms ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ or even ‘positive’ and ‘negative.’ These terms have been used far too much in Earth human societies in a judgemental way towards others.


Judgement is all too often based on shallow outer states – physical appearance, skin color, race, religion, political affiliation and financial status. In the greater reality these count for nothing, even religion. It is not the religion that you follow, but rather your level of spirituality/love that truly matters. This too controls the state of your energy field and whether it is in balance, or not, and is where discernment comes into the picture. It is the ability to read energy on a deeper level beyond physical appearance or words, to be able to pick up on whether a person is resonating in Love or Fear.


These tests you are set gauge your ability to discern, which is the reason why you have been given free will. This is to enable you to choose the energy fields you wish to tune into and feel most comfortable with. On a personal level, this applies with the friends you choose to spend time with. On a broader scale it applies with your world leaders, and who you elect to run your country.


In some places on Earth, your leaders are forced upon you. You have no choice, but still, this does not need to stop you from discerning within your own heart and mind whether that leader is coming from a place of love or fear. In those countries where this high level of control happens, the latter, fear, is always the case. These are the only two choices that really matter, and in those nations where you are free to vote, this should be the criteria applied to the one you choose to elect.


As creators-in-training, you do need to be presented with this choice, whether it is an inner or outer choosing. It does not have to be made known to others. In the greater reality, it is your deepest feeling and sensing that really count. It is at this level that you create your own reality. And in the making of your choice of friend, business associate or leader, remember that it must go way deeper than their words, physical appearance, race or religion. It is all about the energy you discern within them – of fear, or unconditional love. Fear is expressed through ego, self-righteousness, religious and racial prejudice, war-mongering, bullying and creating divisiveness and separation. Love is expressed through humility, peace, non-judgement, inclusiveness, kindness, respect, compassion and Oneness.




Some confusion has arisen when we speak of the 10% limit of consciousness that Earth humans are generally able to access. Scientists have come forward to say that this claim is not correct – that in fact the whole of the human brain is utilized, but the point that needs to be understood is that ‘brain’ and ‘consciousness’ are not the same thing. The brain is a physical organ, which is used in its entirety, but consciousness is of a higher energy frequency, as is Mind.


Consciousness operates via the brain and nervous system through the 5 human senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, and through these senses, consciousness is able to access a limited range of the electromagnetic scale, but even for an Earth Human to be able to consciously perceive slightly higher or lower frequencies on the EMS, specialized equipment such as a radio or television receiver, radar or X-ray equipment etc. is required. Human consciousness as it is at the present time is so limited that it can’t visually pick up on ultra-violet or infra-red light waves, or even perceive the sound of those special dog whistles that your canine friends can easily hear but you can’t. The same limits apply to the sonar frequencies of bats, whales etc.


At this stage of human evolution, approximately 10% of your potential conscious awareness is being utilized, which is intrinsically linked to the 10% of your DNA that is active. Evolution in the human kingdom involves a gradual expansion of conscious awareness as opposed to having much of your potential knowledge/data hidden away on sub- and super-conscious levels. As this expansion takes place, humans will eventually be able to access a much broader spectrum of the electromagnetic scale.


Consciousness is linked to the energy/chakra system, which underlies the physical systems of the body such as the endocrine, glandular and nervous systems, and the reality of this energy system has been measured and proven. EMG electrodes, which are generally used to measure the electrical potential of muscles, have been used to measure the bio-electric energy in various parts of the body corresponding to the positions of the chakras. The normal frequency of brain waves is between 0 and 100 cycles per second; muscle frequency goes up to about 225 cps and the heart 250 cps. The readings from the chakras were found to lie in a band of frequencies between 1,000 and 1,600 cps – figures much higher than had been found radiating from the physical body alone.


The Greys refer to what we call the Human Ladder, which is a path or cycle of evolution upwards through expanding frequencies of conscious awareness, which will enable Earth humans to access higher dimensions of reality as they evolve. This is what we’re referring to when we speak of humans only being able to access 10% of their potential conscious awareness. This is not brain power we’re referring to, but rather conscious awareness, which, as numerous out-of-body testimonies prove, continues independently of the physical body and brain.


Expanded consciousness is intrinsically linked to the amount of DNA that is active. Scientists talk about ‘junk DNA,’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Future evolution will activate more and more of this non-activated DNA, which in turn will enable more expanded human mind/consciousness. In reality, the whole universe is simply infinite bands of energy vibrating at infinite frequencies. In other words, everything is energy, and the only real separation is the rate of vibrational frequency. Once Earth humans become more “awakened” and able to consciously access higher frequencies of energy beyond the present limited 10% awareness, they will be able to access higher and finer dimensions of reality just as easily as they can now access third dimensional ‘reality.’



The chapter in Judy’s Cosmic Spirituality book, entitled A Cosmic Conundrum, was provided to clearly delineate what is real and what is illusion. The present world situation provides an opportunity to differentiate and apply this understanding to your lives on a personal level. All that is happening on Earth at the moment, with so much fear being put out, is an illusion, and for those of you who are here as spiritual teachers at this time of massive change, it’s vital for you to be able to embrace this concept. The biggest illusion being faced here on Earth through all of this is the Fear of Death.

This being the case, the only reality that needs to be understood in order to enable humanity to override the fear is the fact that you are ALL Immortal, Spiritual Beings. This is not just a theory – it is a fact, and in fact, it is the ultimate Truth – the only ‘real’ reality. Because of this, nothing, and I repeat – NOTHING, can hurt you on that level. Another worry for some of you is that interference is occurring with your DNA, but your DNA is multi-dimensional, and the key to your protection on this level is your spiritual awakening.


Yes, Earth human DNA has been interfered with on the physical level, both now and in the past, but in the Greater Reality, there are no accidents. That interference has enabled you to be grounded fully in physicality over a number of life spans in order to gain maximum physical experience. This was a free will choice made by all the souls involved.


Many people here on Earth would be horrified if this physicality was taken away from them; if they were told that they would leave Earth, never to return. This is the reason why so many have such a fear of death. They do not want to leave their imprisonment in physical form. Hence the desperate search that has gone on over millennia for a ‘fountain of youth,’ to enable them to remain here forever. You may ask the question – Why? Why would they want that? But many do, who have not awoken.


Again, to repeat – in the Greater Reality, there are no accidents. Death is an illusion. It is part of the Big Illusion of 3-D physicality. You are an Immortal Spiritual Being, and death is nothing more than a transition to a higher state. No matter the time or circumstances of your transition, it is a prebirth free will choice that you have made. The reality is that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are not a human with a spirit floating around somewhere in the ethers. Do not lose sight of this very important truth!


Your DNA is way more than the small amount that science on Earth acknowledges. In fact, science refers to this as ‘junk DNA,’ which could not be further from the truth. This so-called junk DNA actually vibrates on frequency bands that the limited conscious awareness of Earth human minds simply cannot access. Your DNA is a blueprint of your whole Being, of which the physical part is only a very small component.


Yes, Earth human DNA has been interfered with on the physical level, both now and in the past, but in the Greater Reality, THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS! Everything is playing out by Divine design. You have to make a free will choice between Love and Fear, as I will explain in a moment, but in order for you to be able to do that, BOTH options need to be presented to you. In this way, the negative forces down here that we call the Repterran Controllers, also known as the Cabal, Illuminati etc., have the higher purpose of presenting the Fear choice to you. That is their ‘divine purpose,’ as it were. In this way, everything is playing out perfectly by Divine Design. To repeat, the key to your protection is your spiritual awakening to your Immortal Soul Being. In other words, align to the truth of who and what you truly are! In so doing, you align to Love!


Making this choice consciously, aligning with Love and knowing that, in reality, you are an immortal, spiritual Being, is the bottom line, and what true Self-Realisation is all about. You’re here to experience both the positive and negative sides of physicality, because once you move into the human kingdom, you begin your training as Creator Beings. The main lesson involved in this is to learn to create positively rather than negatively, bearing in mind that, as quantum physics is now proving, you create our own reality through the way you think. So basically, like children, you have to learn your lesson through consequences. If you think in a negative way, that is what you create and attract into your life; if you think positively, that is what you create and attract. This Truth is reinforced by the 5 Cosmic Laws:


The Law of Unity and Oneness

The Law of Reflection

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Manifestation

The Law of Eternal Existence



THE LORD’S PRAYER IN THE ORIGINAL ARAMAIC LANGUAGE of Yeshua (Jesus), translated by Dale Allan Hoffman.

Our Father Who art in heaven –

Our One, Absolute, eternal Being, of which we are borne forth from the Realm of the All and the Only –

Hallowed be Thy Name –

I am empty within the ecstasy of Your Presence and the purity of the vibration of Your Name

The Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven –

Empower my creative expansion through Your emergence from the unseen realms, as I realise our life and will as One, on the manifest Earth as in the un-manifest heavenly realms

Give us this day our daily bread –

Provide the nourishment of authentic insight and realisation through me now and in each present moment –

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil –

Release the echoes of my hidden past as I cancel all of my concerns with others. Do not let me lose my true Self in forgetfulness, but wholly release me from the errors of my perception –

For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever –

For the undivided holiness is the Absolute, the All and the Only, and the power of our eternal radiance from cosmic gathering to cosmic gathering, from age to age, from moment to moment, from now to now. May these pure intentions be the rooted, fertile earth-centre from which all my actions flow – Ahmeyn.

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