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Portrait of a Grey

Years ago a thirteen year old Girl, a 'Star-Child', sat down to draw a picture for her school art class. They were working in charcoals at that time and she was to practice drawing in this medium.

At the same time in the child's household, there was quite a lot of busy day-to-day activity going on, as well as an intense period when the Grey Teachings were being imparted and the family were having night time Encounters and activities with the Greys and some in the daylight hours as well!

As an almost apologetic 'olive branch' to the child's mother at that time, Oris (a grey Teacher) sat on the child's bed and posed for this portrait, giving strict instructions (if not a little tongue in cheek) not to draw in too many wrinkles, as he may be famous on Earth one day.

For a thirteen year old child working in charcoal for the first time it was quite a good drawing! Here's a look at how she saw him.


This is another portrait of Oris, drawn by the same child.

We have since received independent confirmation from a number of different people who have also seen Zeta Elder / Teachers dressed in this way.

As far as I understand, the Teachers are readily recognisable by this attire, which is generally black, with a small coloured trim in the form of a hatband or feather in the hatband.

Oris actually posed for this sketch, to allow the girl time to complete it.

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